Puyo Pop Fever – SEGA

Posted: February 12, 2012 by ChoSanJuan in Review, Video, Video Games
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Puyo Pop FEVER!

The Puyo Puyo series has been through over 30 versions since it’s spin off from the original RPG the cute blobs came from.  With that being said, we will assume that you, the reader, is familiar with the Puyo Puyo games in one form or another.

Puyo Pop Fever is brought to you by the current owner of the property (SEGA) and available on the Nintendo GameCube.  Released in 2004, this version brings all of the match 4 puzzle game elements that die-hards have grown to love plus adding the Fever mode and some (albeit annoying) 3d elements to shine up the franchise.

Check out some of the gameplay from IGN.

Puyo Pop Fever is, at the core, just a match 4 but the new introduction of the the FEVER adds a frantic element for both players.  On one side of the coin, you need to clear your board as fast as possible without messing up.  This will cause a massive chain to dump garbage on our opponent.  If you can’t figure it out, you are vulnerable since half your board (or more) is filled with your Fever Combo setup, this allows your opponent a few seconds to scramble and make big chains to dump on you.  All of this is happening while a timer is counting down the seconds to someone’s quick demise.  (Check out the advanced game video at the bottom.)

All-in-all, this installment of the Puyo games is nothing short of fun and should be picked up for the puzzle game lover in your home!

(Don’t forget, it’s for the GameCube…  You can play it in your Wii!)

If you want more information about this series of games, head on over to the web’s definitive source on all things Puyo:  Puyo Nexus.

If you want to be scared away from ever playing this game, check out this video.


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