Top 10: Games with Hearts

Posted: February 14, 2012 by ChoSanJuan in Lists, Video Games
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It’s that time of year where everyone gets all gushy and there’s a new spring to everyone’s step. It’s a time where jewelry, chocolates, flowers and cards flow like water. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. Here is our list for the holiday…

  1. Popeye – Grab hearts from your love, Olive Oyl while avoiding bottles, Bluto and other hazards.  What a great platformer from 1982!
  2. Legend of Zelda – One of the most referenced RPGs of all times!  It’s dangerous out there…
  3. Kid Icarus – Not many vertical action platformers out there but this one has got to be the king of them all!
  4. Punch Out – Ya gotta have heart, kid!  If you use em all up, you get tired out.
  5. Castlevania – Hearts…  and meat from walls!
  6. Space Channel 5 – Everything about this game will burn into your brain and mever leave.
  7. Ms PacMan – Intermissions are great in all the early Pac games.
  8. Donkey Kong – I’m sorry, but Pauline is in another construction site.
  9. MS Hearts – Can’t leave out the game that has the name right in it!
  10. Kingdom Hearts – Have to mention the other game that has heart in the title.  Are there actual hearts in this game?

So there you have it!  A heart filled, top 10, video list for all you Valentines out there.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Awesome list. I taught myself how to play MS hearts back in the day on our old Acer. You’re right the list would be incomplete without it 🙂

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