A Wasteland Sequel? *squeeeeeeeee!*

Posted: February 16, 2012 by ChoSanJuan in PC, Video Games
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Original front man of Interplay (from the 80s), Brian Fargo, tells IGN that he is going to get a sequel to Wasteland going.  In the wake of DoubleFine’s success at getting their start up for their return to point and click adventure, he is trying to get it crowdsourced via Kickstarter as well.  Brian is promising that the new game will be “100 percent faithful to its roots.”  This is an amazing statement as most title returns are usually tainted with trying to appease wheat the current flavor of pop gaming wants and not what the production really needs.

Fans on the boards are worried that the project will start out looking like a hardcore, old-school Wasteland title, but eventually turn into something more “mainstream.” Fargo says that they don’t have to worry about “will [the audience] get this or get that,” they can just be “more like the old days…totally creative.”

Promises can be made, let’s hope that he delivers.

As a kid in the 80s, this and a few select other games have burned their images deep into my brain.  I would rush home from school, stay up late and make sure that I covered every square of the nested maps till I was done.  Even then, the game just went on.  (spoiler alert?)   Even with other sequels (including Fountain of Dreams) nothing quite filled the void of Wasteland as technology progressed.  True fans, like myself, need to help make this happen.

As of this writing, no Kickstarter project has been started yet.

Read more via GamePolitics via IGN


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