Minecraft Monster Mobs

Posted: February 26, 2012 by karaski in PC, Review, Video Games
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As promised I want to share with you a quick look at the monster mobs in Minecraft. There are actually more hostile mobs in the game than I have encountered (some are more common than others) so I will talk more extensively and personally about those I have encountered.

Blaze – This is a yellow monster that appears only in the nether. It’s shape is similar to a zombie. This monster flys and shoots fire at you. In one of my worlds I have successfully built a portal to the nether but I can’t seem to survive long enough to encounter all the mobs there so I have not personally encountered a blaze.

Cave Spider – these little devils make the unmistakable hissing sound and look almost identical to the regular spiders but are only found in abandoned mine shafts. I have encountered these recently and they act similar to the regular spider but can poison the player. Spiders drop string and spider eyes when killed.

Creeper – The creeper seems to be the face of Minecraft and for good reason… they’re everywhere! These are one of the more common mobs in the game and appear at nightfall or in dark areas and caves. They don’t always disappear in the daylight so watch out! The creeper follows you around until you stop and then it will explode wrecking the world around you and doing damage to your health. A word of advice… when encountering a creeper run AWAY from  your buildings and shelter otherwise his explosion will destroy what you have built. They provide gunpowder if killed by the player.

Ghast – These monsters kind of look like a ghost mixed with a jellyfish haha but they are floating around everywhere in the nether and the reason I have not been able to explore that area extensively. They are dangerous and can shoot at you from above.

Magma Cube – another mob found in the nether, I have never encountered them. They drop magma cream, which can be collected by the player.

Silverfish – This is a new one to me… I had to research this one in order to talk about it. It seems these are fish that appear from blocks in the world. They can come from cobblestone, stone bricks, or regular stone and they can cause damage to the player.

Skeleton – this is another common monster in the game. Along with creepers and zombies, skeletons appear at nightfall and in dark areas. Unlike other monsters the skeletons carry bows and arrows and will shoot at you doing quite a bit of damage until they are killed. Luckily they start on fire when the sun begins to rise. Skeletons are useful to obtain bones which can be used to befriend wolves (a passive mob) in the game.

Slime – I have only recently encountered this monster really deep in a cave. I believe they only appear at the deepest levels of your world. They are small green cubes that look like jello and can cause damage to the player. They produce slimeballs when killed.

Spider – During the day the spiders don’t seem to care that you’re around but at night they become hostile and will hiss and attack you. They area common encounter in the game both at the surface level and in dark areas. They drop string and spider eyes when killed.

Zombie – Another very common mob that appears at night and burns in the sunlight. The zombie looks a lot like a regular person but is green in skin color. They can do damage by just running into you… they don’t have any weapons. They produce zombie flesh, which can be eaten in a pinch but it can give you food poisoning.

So there you go… I can never be brief when discussing this game 🙂


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