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Back to the Future

Posted: April 29, 2012 by karaski in PlayStation 3, Review, Uncategorized, Video Games

So recently I have been playing a Back to the Future game that I downloaded on Playstation Network. The game is broken up into 4 or 5 episodes. The first one is free to download and play on PSN. It is a point and click adventure game where you go back in time to rescue Doc from imprisonment.

Episode 1 was really a lot of fun and took a few hours for me to complete. A few hours for a free download was totally worth it. It’s nice to see that there are a lot of unique and interesting games out there on PSN. I have really been enjoying these PSN exclusives and recommend everyone check them out! Happy gaming!


Happy Accordion Time!

Posted: April 13, 2012 by ChoSanJuan in Humor, Video
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Check it out as Scorpion lays it down with an accordion!  This possibly rocks harder than the original track by The Immortals.

BrowserQuest – Mozilla

Posted: April 13, 2012 by ChoSanJuan in Linux, Mac, PC, Video Games
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Mozilla has flexed their HTML5 muscles with this simplistic yet incredibly impressive MMORPG that is completely playable in-browser!  Head over to to join in on the fun!

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack

Posted: April 12, 2012 by ChoSanJuan in Products, Toys
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Like Mecha?  Like Tabletop RPGs?  Like Legos?  Well check out this new hybrid of all 3 by Joshua A. C. Newman.  Joshua and his team of developers put together something pretty fun looking!  The game will have all kinds of missions, rulesets and plans to build your little mecha army.  All the designs show an incredible amount of variety and articulation.  You wouldn’t expect this kind of detail out of such a small amount of Legos!

This Kickstarter program has gotten it’s funding and will be a reality very soon!

Check out all the latest info at their KickStarter page:

In an effort to rekindle our original fanbase, we are going to start cross posting all of our posts back to FB again!  Why you ask?

\m/. We are getting the band back together!  😉  .\m/


Skullgirls is a modern take on the classic 2D fighting genre.  A refreshing look at hand drawn animation in a world of 3D powerhouse consoles, this game takes you to the world of Dark Deco.  Developed by a team of old school fighting game lovers (Reverge Labs, LLC), this game has been picked up by long time studio/publishing house, Konami.

To start, this game is is beautiful!  Just by watching, it feels like you’ve been whisked back to the age of 16 and 32-bit.  Even with the recent offerings by Capcom, all of the 3D tricks and shiny objects can’t quite replace the feeling and nostalgia of a quality 2D fighter.  With Konami in their corner, let’s hope that the hype is only surpassed by the sales and quality of this title.  Having only reviewed the demo, I’m convinced that this is going to be a definite purchase for many fans of this genre!

Skullgirls is out today, April 11, 2012 for XBox Live and Playstation Network.

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  5. Chuck Norris vs Pac Man

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  10. Pac Man: The Movie (Therefore Productions)

Marvel Grab Zags

Posted: April 5, 2012 by jboypacman in Review, Toys
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Going to Toys R’ Us for me is a weekly deal with my hunt for S.L.U.G. Zombies and other cool but affordable collectibles always at a high. So this pass week as i made my way through the back isles of our local store i found something that caught my immediate interest and i knew i had to have…..Marvel Grab Zags.

These little reasonable priced at $2.49 blind bags which feature either a Marvel comic book themed mini-figure, pen or light projector are just the thing i love! And i made a active decision to go after the mini-figures first than look into the others.

So far am very delighted with these as they are simple but fun toy collectibles that won’t break your bank and will look great on your toy shelf or work desk and i highly recommend anyone to pick up at lest a few to check out.

Remember too these are blind bags so it will always be a mystery on what you might get but i found that using the tried but true “feel” method works well with these so give the bags a little once over with your fingers to help you figure out what item is in the bag you are looking to buy.

Check the website or the Grab Zags Facebook page(which features a few images from and a link to my blog) for more info on these wonderful toys.


April Fools?  Google usually puts out an April Fools product that isn’t really usable but this one gives the best of both worlds!  Yeah, you aren’t going to get the Famicom cart but you do get the Quest button that turns everything into an amazingly detailed 8-bit mapping system.

Check out the original blog post on Google’s official blog: