Annual flea market tour

Posted: June 3, 2012 by ChoSanJuan in Toys, Video Games
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Every year some of my friends (a partial cross section of GameBlips) make an all day pilgrimage around the central to southeastern part of the state and tour the major flea markets.  After a few years of missing out on this annual tradition, I am fianally able to go.  This year’s was May 26.  What an amazing trip!

We startred out by hitting up a couple of places in Flint.  This is where I picked up 4 of these Transformers figures that I’ve always wanted (but never wanted to get them in the mix package.)

Something a tad more amazing would be this framed portrait of Snoop Dog holding a can of Grape Colt 45.  I wanted it really bad but couldn’t haggle a price that I could feel good about, although it was probably the most amazing thing I saw all day.

Worth $50?  I haggled them down to $40.

More video games, more toys, more awesome throughout the day.  We ended up in Taylor at another indoor market and found a guy that looks like Diamond Dallas Page.  He loves his video games, toys and horror memorabilia.  After almost buying at his booth, I walked away but then Jboy came back over and asked if I saw the Voltron 2, complete back at that guy’s display???  I never noticed it because it was in a plastic grocery bag behind the counter.  I hurried my butt back over there and asked about it.  DDP was all about bringing it out and said that he doesn’t know about it since it was v2 and didn’t know if it was complete.  I slapped it all together and slid the Blazing Sword in his fist.  Yep, pretty complete to me!

I also was able to pick up an aluminum case for the DS Lite that I’ve been hanging onto since it is metallic pink and not very manly.  Now it’s less girly-ish.  (See the original pick up above with the full group shot.)  I hope to hit these places up more in the future.  Like I said before, it was an amazing day.  Just the small blurbs here don’t do it justice at all.

  1. jboypacman says:

    It was a good day indeed with me scoring that “Made In China” Godzilla and i ended up going back to Flint this weekend to that almost Toy Dealer we stopped at and picked up some sweetness on trade. : )

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