Tiny Tower – NimbleBit

Posted: June 4, 2012 by ChoSanJuan in Android, iOS, Mobile Gaming, Review
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Have you ever wanted to build a skyscraper and micromanage what goes in it? Well you are in luck! NimbleBit’s Tiny Tower gives you all of that in a cute timehole of a game. You start with a couple of levels where you can install apartments and your first establishment. From there, It’s all downhill.  Your job is to keep your Bitiznes happy so they keep bringing in more residents to work at the shops you put put in each floor.

There are charts so you can see how to place your Bitizens according to their dream job.

Now with the elevator, you can get visitors (and possible new residents) to their floor of choice.  If you know how to make the ride smooth for then, they will tip you TowerBux.  Tiny Tower is a Freemium game.  Like many that fit this term, there is the in game money and the premium items you can get with these hard to obtain TowerBux.  Unlike other Freemium titles, this game gives you the IRL currency to get further into the game.  Lots of this is rinse and repeat.  Build a new floor, get people to move in, get them to work, make money, etc…

As monotonous as this review sounds, this really is a fun game.  Install it and see your time fly by!


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