Pocket Legends – Spacetime Studios

Posted: June 5, 2012 by ChoSanJuan in Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Mobile Gaming, PC, Review
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The world of Alterra has been over-run and the Elf Queen needs your help to save the kingdom!

Require gaming on the go but want to get your MMORPG fix at the same time?  Try out Pocket Legends!  The best way to describe it is to call it World of Warcaft and Diablo’s love child.  The game starts you off choosing between 3 different class types.  The class types are also race dependent so there really isn’t a mix and match setup that you would expect out of a deeper MMO.  The bears are the warriors, avians (birds) are archers and the Elves are the mages.  (Don’t ask me why the world if filled with animal based races then there are the elves??!?!)  When you get through registration and creation, you can outfit your character with their corresponding type of garb and weaponry.

Quests and other tasks are a breeze to get started into.  Some are basic grind, others are in depth for this kind of quick play MMO.

Even on smaller screens for Android and iOS devices (phones) the game is a dream to play.  Having the minimap overlayed on the screen with all of the magic spells and on-screen controls, everything is still playable and unobtrusive.

The game is great while not forcing you to dedicate a large amount of time.

All screen shots were taken from the iOS version.  Video is official from Space Time Studios.


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