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Next Gen Launch Prices

Posted: August 26, 2012 by karaski in Humor, PlayStation 3, Products

Yesterday one of our friends came over to borrow our heat gun and perform a quick temporary fix on his 1st gen PS3 that had died. We had to tear the PS3 apart, do some magic, and put it back together again so he could get his save data on to back-up storage.

Why did he come over here? Because this isn’t the first broken 1st gen PS3 that has been quick fixed in our house. They all seemed to die around the same time. It makes me sick to think about losing a $700 dollar machine only a few years after it was released.

This got me thinking about the next gen consoles and wondering what their price tag is going to be on the 1st generation models. I think Sony learned it’s lesson last time but I still think they’re going to be pretty pricey. Any thoughts?



Back on the 90s, there was a slew of gimmicky accessories from SEGA’s Activator to the hard rockin’ GXTV but one of them stood our from the crowd… The Interactor, by Aura!


I had one of these when the Genesis was still popular and the 32bit wars were heating up. It was great! Something as simple as a plastic backpack that strapped snugly onto your back and it’s only function was to be a blasting subwoofer on your back. As nerdy ad I was, I didn’t like wearing it, so I one upped myself and installed it into the couch. Gaming night with my friends was a treat since I had the only audio-interactive couches in the group (or in the major group of local cities, for that matter.)

A fond memory of taking a huge jump or getting shot out of the cannons on Mario Kart 64 then hitting the ground hard! So hard that the game hits a hard bassy “POMP!” out the back end of your kart. It was so gratifying! Everyone could feel when you landed back on the track. We all loves it!


I’ve since lost my power adapter for the small amplifier through many life changes and have not been able to relive those memories… Till now!


As you can see I have procured 2 of them (mint in box) from past Blipser, PondoB, since he couldn’t find a practical use for them and just didn’t want them. Jboy was with him and told him my story and started getting texts asking if I wanted them. My prompt response was HELLZ YEAH!


After picking them up, I hooked one up and adjusted the power and the filter level and tested out some Dubstep (no hating, it’s not Skrillex) and had the best back massage in quite some time.


The next step is to get them installed into the couch with some fancy wiring and fire up some Mario Kart! Maybe we can bring it forward into the future a little bit with some Double Dash or Wii version…

G3 – Gaming and Giving for Good

Posted: August 16, 2012 by ChoSanJuan in Uncategorized


OK, it’s only 2 days away but I just found this link and want to help out this great event! Please visit to help donate or even sign up and join our fundraising team! Being this late to the party, I’m hoping to hit the $500 mark. If you are a fan of gaming please join us on August 18 over Xbox Live. Even if you don’t have a Gold account, you will be allowed to play online for the day.

Don’t forget to visit for more info and to search for our team name (GameBlips, of course) to either donate or join forces to hit our mark!

Platinum Trophy – Skyrim

Posted: August 15, 2012 by karaski in PlayStation 3, Video Games
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I know I have posted previously about Skyrim so I promise to keep this short! I have finally, after hundreds of hours of completing quests, gained all of the trophies in Skyrim for PS3. I have, in the past, played games to completion but none with a shiny platinum trophy waiting for me at the end. While I LOVE having that trophy stare back at me when I log in to my profile it was a painful process of running quests and watching loading screens.

My least favorite set of achievements to obtain were the thieves guild, which I thought would be fun because I was having a good time playing as a stealthy wood elf. It was hours of running simple pickpocketing and bedlam jobs until I had completed at least 5 in each of the major cities. It was so painful that I almost stopped playing afterwards but I eventually picked up the controller and completed the Dark Brotherhood quests, which were much more enjoyable.

I might never pick up Skyrim again because I am so burnt out on it but I did pop in LOTR: War in the North to start my second play through. This Platinum trophy thing could get addicting!