Next Gen Launch Prices

Posted: August 26, 2012 by karaski in Humor, PlayStation 3, Products

Yesterday one of our friends came over to borrow our heat gun and perform a quick temporary fix on his 1st gen PS3 that had died. We had to tear the PS3 apart, do some magic, and put it back together again so he could get his save data on to back-up storage.

Why did he come over here? Because this isn’t the first broken 1st gen PS3 that has been quick fixed in our house. They all seemed to die around the same time. It makes me sick to think about losing a $700 dollar machine only a few years after it was released.

This got me thinking about the next gen consoles and wondering what their price tag is going to be on the 1st generation models. I think Sony learned it’s lesson last time but I still think they’re going to be pretty pricey. Any thoughts?

  1. UberDalum says:

    New gamers and early adopters will always be wowed by the price to new technology ratio. Consoles will be purchsed regardless. Regarding your take on Sony finally learning their lesson? Apparently not. This stems from the PS1. There are countless dead G1 Playstations out there. Their ailment? A worn out, plastic laser carriage. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end for Sony’s great failure ride. They also had countless problems with the 1st and 2nd gen PS2. (Original “fat” models, not saying issues with the 2 slim models.) I believe that was just plain overheating. It’s Sony’s track record to continue on this path. Microsoft is no different. Honestly, I wish SEGA or SNK was back in the market (The Neo Geo X doesn’t count…) since they essentially had a pristine track record for hardware.

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