Happy Wars is out of Beta!

Posted: October 14, 2012 by ChoSanJuan in Uncategorized
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Last week, Happy Wars went out of beta. Unfortunately, for those of us that were beta testing, everyone lost out on all of their saves and custom work for their characters! This was noticed when the “demo” app stopped working. Headed back to check the Arcade listing and it was a full fledged XBLA game now. Downloaded it and was greeted with creating a new save. You would think that they would give a leg up on those that helped with all the data for their first, big, free-to-play release? Looks like no. It’s a shame too. It makes me want to not play but the game really is that good!


Dear ToyLogic: Thanks, but no thanks. Now I have to go back and rebuild all of my stats and other customizations. Back to the grind, I guess… 😦 If there are any players out there, set your team name for “GameBlips”. Join us!


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