WiiFit board for more than WiiFit?

Posted: October 28, 2012 by ChoSanJuan in Accessories, Android, Wii
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A few months back I mentioned a website, Fitocracy, that you can use to track your workouts then unlock achievements and conquer quests. Well I’ve found a new way to repurpose my old WiiFit Balance Board to help me with my workouts. My new Nexus 7 has been the crux of many things in my life since July. Pairing my WiiFit board with my tablet, via Bluetooth, allows me to track my weight with one of the most accurate scales on the planet. How did I do it? Check out Wii Scale on Google Play Store.

I started using this app almost 2 years ago. ¬†It’s a shame that Google Health went away earlier in they year. ¬†Their API was a built in feature with the core app. ¬†Fear not, there is an extension now that will connect you up! ¬†But first the basic functionality…

This app is pretty straight forward.  You turn it on, sync your board to the app and hop on.  Similar to the Quick Track option on WiiFit, it will also track your Center Of Balance (COB).  If you are a RunKeeper user, you can purchase Wii Scale Extension for a mere $1.00!  It will send your stats over to your RunKeeper account for a seamless and worry-free way to push yourself to a better you!


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