Wii U!

Posted: November 18, 2012 by karaski in Humor, Products, Review, Video Games, Wii U

Ok I will admit I got caught up in the hype of the Wii U launch and went searching for one this morning. I struck out at K-mart (I thought nobody would go looking there). So I called Best Buy on my way out of Kmart and to my surprise they still had a few of both the standard and deluxe editions. I waited in line and by the time I got up there they were out of deluxe editions 😦

I was, however, able to get a standard edition! I had to jump on it. I also picked up two of the launch titles at 60 bucks a pop! Zombie U and Nintendo Land. I am babysitting right now but I am going to head home this afternoon for a quick bit and hook it up to see what it’s like! More to come 🙂Image

  1. What’s so “Deluxe” about the Deluxe Editions?

  2. captainerock says:

    I picked up a deluxe Wii U at Meijer at midnight. I got there 45 minutes before launch, and was first in line. They had 4 of each SKU. I picked up NSMBU. I’ll wait for ZombiU to drop in price. Only 3 people showed up while I was there. I was a bit surprised. Both SKU’s will lead people to end up getting an external hard drive, I’ll wait on that until I actually need more space, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    It took about 2 hours to patch, the initial firmware update is substantial, estimates around 1Gb. And, most games have updates as well, those you can bypass and they update in the background.

    Some of the menu’s are pretty slow to load, and I was less then impressed with the range on the touchpad controller. With that said, for my personal use, it’s fine.

    I did enjoy the Wii to Wii U transfer, while a bit complicated, it had some cool Pikmin animations to pass the time while it took place. Both systems had to be able to connect to the internet to confirm the transfer, which I found strange.

    For me, this is basically my Nintendo Exclusive console, as I have a PS3 and 360. Which i knew going in. I would not really recommend that anyone buy one now, I’m just crazy and have to have everything new, but I’m not disappointed in my purchase. I know my post pointed out some negatives, over all I think the system is fine, and I’m sure that Nintendo will follow through with some excellent 1st party software, it’s just a matter of waiting for that stuff to get released.

    • karaski says:

      I have to agree with you on the load times… a little frustrating. I have, however, been enjoying the gamepad integration in Nintendo Land. Have you played any of those games yet? I think you will find they use the game pad well, especially in the Yoshi and Zelda Mini Games.

      • captainerock says:

        I just fired up Nintendo Land tonight, played some Ninja Star throwing game thing, and the Pikmin one. They are pretty fun, looks like that stuff would be more fun with a group. I like the music most of all, when it’s loading up and the drums kick in.. that’s my jam. I do like the touch pad / game pad, not sure what to call it, just wish it was multi-touch, found myself trying to pinch it to make maps bigger/smaller. Although, the way they are utilizing it doesn’t make it that big of a deal. Oh, I do like the feature of using it to control my TV, I can get everything going by just grabbing the game pad. Also, sent you a friend request. My Nintendo ID is the same as PS3, Xbox 360, .and this forum name. (Check out those Oxford commas!)

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