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I’m notorious for playing catch up with consoles and gaming.  So with this list, I’ll be recounting the games that took me by surprise in 2012.  (Not all were released in this past year…)



Dead Space (360 and Android) – Ever seen those people that smell a jug of milk that’s past it’s prime and tell everyone to smell it?  That’s me… With myself.  The Dead Space series, though old, is amazing!  Dead Space was released in 2008 and has been shocking the pants off of people since.  Playing the first installment hooked me straight away.  Getting jolted over and over again, made me want to see what was around the next corner.  Recently, a new mobile version was released with a new touch interface and a different side story.  If you want to complete your Necromorph ensemble, be sure to pick this one up with your PC/console versions.  (Maybe I’ll get Dead Space 2 next year.  Don’t get me started with picking up the 3rd installment coming out soon!)


9)Need-for-Speed-MostWantedNeed For Speed: Most Wanted  (Android) – Ever since the Gamecube versions, I was hooked!  Yeah, I played the previous versions that came out on older systems and PCs but none of them were as good till Underground.  This portable version isn’t nearly as good as it’s free roaming big brother title, but it’s one of the shining experinces of how to do quality racing on-the-go.

8)wpid-HappyWars-600x330.pngHappy Wars (360) – This Free To Play title on the Xbox 360 is somewhat of an anomoly.  Nothing is free on XBox Live… NOTHING!  Well that was till this past fall when a beta test for the new Xbox dashboard came out and they brought along a friend to the party.  Happy Wars is originally a F2P game on the PC and now has a homd on the 360.  It’s a 15 on 15 experience with little medeival SD guys used to play a hilarious game of capture the flag.  There are in game purchases but you don’t really need to them to get a great experience.

7)  Left4Dead2Left 4 Dead 2 (360) – What bad can you say about hordes upon hordes upon hordes of zombies?  Nothing?  I thought so.  😉  This game is just FUN!  No other way about it.  Now the Steam for Linux was just released, I’m making this purchase again once L4D2 is completed.

6)Gears_of_War_historyGears of War series (360) – Honestly, it’s a great 3rd person shooter.  The story is what drives it along and makes you want to keep on playing through to the 3rd installment.

5)  MegaMan25thStreet Fighter x Mega Man (PC) – An incredibly late comer to the list (as it was released this month) this fan-project-turned-official-release quenches the thirst of anyone that loves Capcom, Street Figher, Mega Man and crossovers.  Show some love and get this game.  Support Capcom and their milestone anniversaries.

4)Final_Fantasy_XIII_LogoFinal Fantasy XIII (360) – Not very final.  There’s even a Final Fantasy XIII-2 and XIV.  Joking aside, the story is rich and the visuals amazing!  A new combat engine (ATB) is in place and makes the game not so turn based.  The 360 comes on 3 DVDs and is a bear to get through.  (If anyone has fought Cid, then you really know what I’m talking about!)  Fans of the series won’t be disappointed with this super discounted title.



Transformers War for/Fall of Cybertron (360) – I am a child at heart.  When something pulls at your nostalgia heartstrings, like these 2 games, you can’t say no.  A majority of the series ended up on Netflix this year and now that I’m well into my 30s, it hasn’t aged well.  The movie still holds up without issue, but the show is hard to watch.  My child brain doesn’t believe that it was this bad back then and War/Fall makes everything in the world seem right.  These games bring me back to how I remembered the toys and the series.  Transformers: War for/Fall of Cybertron is comfort food for me.  Eat up!

2)Ingress4.img_assist_custom-480x258Ingress (Android) –  OK, this one is going to be a LOT of weird.  The game premise is weird.  Google’s secret marketing plans make it weirder.  The fact that I can’t even play the game is incredibly weird since it’s also placed as #2!  Here’s why:

The game is an augmented reality app where you go out an about on the town to help the Enlightened or fight with the Resistance.  Chosing your faction will decide if you want humanity to continue or become overrun by Shapers.  Essentially, it’s a higher tech, faster paced version of GeoCaching.  You head to the portal and hack it.  Once hacked, you can get experience by fortifying it and get items to help you along your righetous quest.

Honestly, this is something an amazing way for Google to get even more mapping info to crush their rival, Apple and their mapping software.  Crowdsourcing thier data is GENIOUS!!!

On a side note:  If anyone has an invite to spare, I’m game for the game.  My local area is ripe for the picking and don’t want it to fall in the wrong hands. #ingress #ingressinvite

1)MinecraftMinecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (360) – See that sidebar over there?  The one with  Yeah, those are all our gaming stats.  As of this writing, I’ve hit over 260 hours of play since July when it was released.  This is over the course of 3 major updates ranging from a pretty vanilla version to the addition of hunger then ravines and strongholds now experience with enchantments/brewing.  We are incredibly close to the PC version, it’s crazy!  I just can’t stop playing this game!!?!?!   Also, on December 22, Mojang and 2 Player Productions gave all XBox Live Gold members (Hehe…  Gold members…) a pre-release sneak peek at the movie, Minecraft: The Story of Mojang.  It was amazing!  To make it even more amazing, 2PP released a free version of the movie on the web!

Greetings Pirate Bay!

This is 2 Player Productions here, and we hoped we could be the first to upload our new movie “Minecraft: The Story of Mojang”. We’ve never uploaded a torrent before so hopefully this isn’t all screwed up.

We wanted to come here first because we knew the movie would end up here eventually, and the best thing to do seemed to be opening a dialogue. Torrents and piracy are a way of life and it probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. There are many people that want to punish you for that, but we have a more realistic outlook on things.

We’ve been there. We’ve all needed to do it at some point. Maybe you don’t have the money. Maybe you want to try before you buy. Maybe you’re pissed at us for premiering the movie on Xbox Live. These are all fine reasons. But if you feel that piracy is, in Gabe Newell’s words, “a service problem,” please consider that we are selling DRM free digital downloads that you can watch in whatever manner you please.

We’re just three guys trying to make a living doing what we love. We love the world of video games, and we love making it real. If you buy the movie, you support those efforts. The reason we Kickstarted this movie in the first place was that we didn’t have enough money to make it ourselves, and even then, we still put A LOT of our own money into it. Not to mention nearly two years of work.

Watch the movie. Hopefully you’ll like it, and understand what we’re trying to do. Please consider supporting us by buying the $8 DRM-free digital download of the movie at, or the $20 DVD from

We’ve worked with a lot of amazing people in the games industry and had the incredible fortune to make some great films the way we wanted to make them. Please consider helping us continue on this path. The best has yet to come.


If you didn’t get a chance to see it or didn’t know about it at all, go grab it then buy it because  support for these kinds of projects should continue.

So there it is folks, what really impacted me this year.  It’s been a pretty diverse year for gaming, for me and look forward to what’s coming up in 2013.  Yes, I joked about Dead Space 3 but I really can’t jump into the 3rd one without getting the second one.  It doesn’t mean I may not just plow through it to get to the current chapter!  😉  Other things I’m looking forward to are the great games that are being reworked for Steam for Linux.  TeamFortress 2 and Killing Floor are already rocking out on my old netbook.  There is a great amount of potential here.

Game with us in 2013!


Join us for the Google Hangout/Xbox Live Party discussion during the world premier of Minecaft: The Story of Mojang, happening at 8:00pm EST.

2012 Top 10 (?)

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As 2012 draws to a close I see a lot of people posting their Top 10 video games for the year. As someone who missed out on a lot of the big releases this year I thought my top 10 might have something a little different to offer up so here it is. Again, this is my personal top 10 and there were a lot of games that came out this year I have not played although I wanted to (Far Cry 3, Xenoblade Chronicles, etc).

I would be interested to hear of any other games I might have missed out on this year! I need to add them to my list 🙂

#1 XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PS3) Just in play time alone this deserves to be #1 on my list. I have invested so many hours into multiple save files on this game. I just can’t get enough and it only came out in October.


#2 Journey (PS3) This is among most top 10’s that I have seen for 2012 but it is well deserved. I really enjoyed the game and the innovative online play.


#3 Mario Kart 7 (3DS) This game took the series one step further with an awesome community-based online play. The online is seamless and really fun. The courses are great and challenging.


#4 Dear Esther (MAC) This is a game I purchased on a whim on Steam during their summer sale and boy was I surprised. The play style is similar to Journey minus the online. I definitely recommend it, especially since you can pick it up cheap on Steam.


#5 Nintendo Land (Wii U) My favorite day one pick up for the Wii U is Nintendo Land. The mini games are so addictive and give Nintendo newbies a glimpse into their name brand games like Pikman, Donkey Kong, and Zelda. It makes best use of the game pad controller.


#6 Sims 3: Lunar Lakes & Lucky Palms expansions (MAC) Don’t judge me but I am a huge Sims 3 fan. I dropped an additional 40 bucks to pick up the new world expansions this year. I think I prefer Lucky Palms to Lunar Lakes because the houses in Lunar Lakes are really funky! I can only wish for them to release the world editor on MAC in 2013!


#7 Mario Party 9 (Wii) A great addition to the Mario Party franchise. This particular version allows you to work as a team (in the same car) vs. the standard board game format. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed it because I wasn’t a huge fan of Mario Party 8 on Wii and tend to prefer the N64 versions.


#8 Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS) I waited a few months after its release to pick it up but the game is really fun. It comes with a neat stand for your 3DS to avoid fatigue from the way you must hold the console to play.


#9 Trine 2 (MAC) Another Steam sale pick-up, I really wasn’t very good at this game but it looked cool and the online play was super fun. I didn’t get much game play in this year but I expect on my break from school I will get some more time in!


#10 Zombie U (Wii U) I have not had much play time in the game yet but I am so hyped up about the Wii U release I had to add this game. The use of the gamepad isn’t super innovative but I like how you can turn your flashlight on and off using the gamepad and detect zombies. Looking forward to finishing it!




You can’t say that Capcom USA has been trying to please their fans as of recent.  The whole DLC issue with Street Fighter x Tekken wasn’t very good and the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary pack wasn’t a big fan favorite either.  Though “the powers that be” may be blissfully unaware of how their fans really feel about their current decisions with DLC, they had something in the wings for all of us.

If you have been living under a rock, then you might not know about this game.  It  was once a fan project that was brought to the US branch of Capcom higher-ups and they LOVED IT!  They were looking for something to offer all their fans to transition from the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter to Mega Man.  This project was it!

Head on over to to get your own copy of Street Fighter x Mega Man FOR FREE!  That’s right folks, FREE!!!!  It’s only a 33.8MB ZIP, but only for Windows PCs.  Unless you know a thing or two about Windows emulation on Linux or Mac OS, then you might be in the dark.

(I’ll report later if it works in Wine for Linux.)

You guys like us!

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So I looked at our podcast reports this morning and noticed that I had a popup along with a nastygram email stating that we went over our monthly bandwidth!  Our audio host stated that we hit our bandwidth cap!  Thank you to everyone who listens, streams and subscribes!!!  For those of you that are looking for our podcast, sorry…  The episodes you are looking for are in another castle.

January we will be back for business for our post holiday fun.  We will be sharing what we got for good ol’ St Nick!

See you then!


Just a few days ago the demo version of Ni No Kuni was released on PSN. This is the game I mentioned a few months back when I was participating in the Wizard’s Edition pre-order on Namco Bandai’s website. I got around today and downloaded and installed the demo version on my ps3 (yes I did put XCOM down for an hour or so).

I just finished the demo and wanted to share my impressions. First off, the game looks amazing. It’s everything I hoped it would be graphic wise. The character development seems pretty good too, the demo only let me play for 25 minutes but I was already introduced to quite a few different characters in the story. The battle system far exceeded my expectations. The battle encounters happen in standard RPG fashion but remind me a lot of the Pokemon games because the wild battles start while walking around and a “!” appears over the wild animal’s head before it cuts away to the battle. The battle system is a lot more complex than Pokemon though. You choose who will fight the battle and it’s not necessarily the standard turn-based design but more like Final Fantasy XIII where you can run around to dodge attacks while choosing to defend, attack, use spells, or eat provisions.

You gain EXP and money from battles. In the demo I was able to fight a boss battle that was actually pretty challenging even after I got a hang of the controls. I spent probably 10-15 of my 25 minutes trying to figure out the best way to approach the boss.

This demo has me really excited for my Wizard’s Edition to come in January. I wish it was more than 25 minutes long!

Curious… has anyone else downloaded an played? What are your impressions? 🙂

GameBlips Podcast S3E2!

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Ready or not, here we come!

Finally out of our Thanksgiving food comas, we have returned for Episode 2!  We welcome John back for a limited engagement and Fred deals with terrible bandwidth issues.  Come and download our finely crafted brew known as GameBlips Podcast!

Download MP3

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Don’t  forget, you can subscribe to our monthly show using the Podcast RSS Feeds on the right sidebar.  Toss it in your favorite podcatcher program on all kinds of playforms like iTunes, Google Listen, gPodder, Google Reader, Double Twist, BeyondPod and MANY MORE!

End song: Sonic The Hedgehog “April Rain” provided by OCRemix –

For anyone that has followed the Pier Solar story from the beginning you will be happy to hear their in the process of HDifying the game and releasing downloadable copies as well as physical copies on the Sega Dreamcast and PC. They have already met their $139,000 goal and are quickly approaching $200,000 but there is still time to get a pledge in to obtain some awesome and rare items via the kickstarter.

 For those of you unfamiliar with the Pier Solar story here is a brief synopsis. It is a homebrew rpg developed by WaterMelon Co. for the Sega Genesis (it also makes use of the CD expansion for its audio). The game was released in December 2010 and sold out via pre-orders before it was even released. The value skyrocketed on ebay so WaterMelon Co. decided to release a second run of the game, which also sold out quickly.

 WaterMelon has a TON of detail on their kickstarter page so please check it out for full details but here is an example of some of the pledges and what you get:

$15 (Pier Solar HD for xbox 360 – digital download)

$49 (Pier Solar HD for Sega Dreamcast – standard physical copy)

$125 (Pier Solar HD Collectors edition for Sega Dreamcast)

++ plus a whole bunch of other goodies!

So if you’re interested get your bid in now! I am still debating between the $49 dollar and $125 dollar pledge but when I get my copy in the mail I will be doing an unboxing!