2012 Top 10 (?)

Posted: December 18, 2012 by karaski in Humor, Lists, Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, Products, Review, Video Games, Wii, Wii U, YouTube

As 2012 draws to a close I see a lot of people posting their Top 10 video games for the year. As someone who missed out on a lot of the big releases this year I thought my top 10 might have something a little different to offer up so here it is. Again, this is my personal top 10 and there were a lot of games that came out this year I have not played although I wanted to (Far Cry 3, Xenoblade Chronicles, etc).

I would be interested to hear of any other games I might have missed out on this year! I need to add them to my list 🙂

#1 XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PS3) Just in play time alone this deserves to be #1 on my list. I have invested so many hours into multiple save files on this game. I just can’t get enough and it only came out in October.


#2 Journey (PS3) This is among most top 10’s that I have seen for 2012 but it is well deserved. I really enjoyed the game and the innovative online play.


#3 Mario Kart 7 (3DS) This game took the series one step further with an awesome community-based online play. The online is seamless and really fun. The courses are great and challenging.


#4 Dear Esther (MAC) This is a game I purchased on a whim on Steam during their summer sale and boy was I surprised. The play style is similar to Journey minus the online. I definitely recommend it, especially since you can pick it up cheap on Steam.


#5 Nintendo Land (Wii U) My favorite day one pick up for the Wii U is Nintendo Land. The mini games are so addictive and give Nintendo newbies a glimpse into their name brand games like Pikman, Donkey Kong, and Zelda. It makes best use of the game pad controller.


#6 Sims 3: Lunar Lakes & Lucky Palms expansions (MAC) Don’t judge me but I am a huge Sims 3 fan. I dropped an additional 40 bucks to pick up the new world expansions this year. I think I prefer Lucky Palms to Lunar Lakes because the houses in Lunar Lakes are really funky! I can only wish for them to release the world editor on MAC in 2013!


#7 Mario Party 9 (Wii) A great addition to the Mario Party franchise. This particular version allows you to work as a team (in the same car) vs. the standard board game format. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed it because I wasn’t a huge fan of Mario Party 8 on Wii and tend to prefer the N64 versions.


#8 Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS) I waited a few months after its release to pick it up but the game is really fun. It comes with a neat stand for your 3DS to avoid fatigue from the way you must hold the console to play.


#9 Trine 2 (MAC) Another Steam sale pick-up, I really wasn’t very good at this game but it looked cool and the online play was super fun. I didn’t get much game play in this year but I expect on my break from school I will get some more time in!


#10 Zombie U (Wii U) I have not had much play time in the game yet but I am so hyped up about the Wii U release I had to add this game. The use of the gamepad isn’t super innovative but I like how you can turn your flashlight on and off using the gamepad and detect zombies. Looking forward to finishing it!


  1. captainerock says:

    Interesting list. Quite a variety of games and platforms. This post had me building my own best of 2012 list, and I still can’t finish it. I have several games from 2012 that I haven’t got a chance to play through yet, so I’m not sure how to deal with that.

    • karaski says:

      If I were to go back in time I would have made my list based on games I played in 2012 (similar to Fred). Luckily I was able to play a lot of good games that came out this year even if I have not made it all the way through yet (i.e. Zombie U).

      After I made this list I played Tokyo Jungle which would have easily kicked Zombie U off the list and probably would have taken over Trine 2’s spot. 🙂

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