Roadblock Joins The Corps!

Posted: March 6, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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The other day I blogged about the G.I. Joe and Corps! action figures that Mike of Memories of Toymorrow sent to me and started the task of identifying them for possible future posts here on the Cosmic Ark.

As I was doing this I came up with a ideal of making up a custom figure out of the Star Brigade Roadblock figure he had included in the lot after I noticed it was suffering from the dreaded “Broken Thumb Syndrome” that happens often with action figures like these.

So after taken the figure apart and looking at what I had for spare bodies and such I came up with this….

Not too bad I thought once it all came together with only Roadblock’s head making it over to a whole new body made of two different Corps! action figures.

So much for RB’s adventures in space and his time on the Joe Team because he has been reassigned to lead the surviving members of my Corps! team….

When I say “surviving” I really mean it because this is all I have currently pictured of Corps! action figures with the rest I disassembled due to breaks and ware on them but am sure more I will be adding more members as I find them in my “Toy Travels”.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark


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