Mini-Mates Battle Beasts Gruntos And Scalpus

Posted: March 11, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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So I stood there for the longest time at Toys R’ Us looking over the new Mini-Mates Battle Beasts checking out at every detail on each one they had on the pegs.

There were 4 sets available with 2 figures per set for sale but only one of these won me over and that was the Gruntos and Scalpus 2-pack.

To be honest while these bare the name “Battle Beasts” these really are not those to me and no offense to Diamond Select and Art Asylum who are the makers but simply these are just “Battle Beasts In Name Only” v.s. those wonderful little plastic ones we first had in our youth from Takara/Hasbro.

And am not saying these new Mini-Mates are not good because for the most part they are but for someone who was around when the original line first became available I long for a return of those figures in that style(we sort of have that with Takara’s current import only Beast Saga figures/game pieces which I need to get a few of at some point).

Now as for the two Mini-Mates I have they are pretty nice and offer some good detail and have more of a “Masters Of The Universe” vibe going than anything else to me(Scalpus could totally be one of the Snake Men).

I like there little weapons that can be held in there hands(Or is it claws or paws?) or pegged into there backs for easy carrying and displaying.

The designs are really good here and offer up a fantasy look which I like but I found as with my past dealings with Mini-Mate figures that the limbs on them can be a bit “loose” feeling at times and this does vary per figure(Scalpus actually feel solid while Gruntos has that “looseness”).

But over all am pleased with these two as they do look great sitting on my toy shelf as display bits and while the remain ones currently at Toys R’ Us stores lack any excitement for me I would be willing to buy more if new ones become available(given I would actual like those when/if they do).

Not “Battle Beasts” but something decent and affordable at the $8 price tag so worth checking out if you get a chance.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark


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