Super Go-Bots Herr Fiend

Posted: March 15, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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I have some history with Go-Bots starting in my youthful days owning several of the normal sized ones and one Super Go-Bot named Stacks(He was my Optimus Prime).

In more recent years I had a couple of odd ones and a stray Rock Lord(Nugget)but they all were in such beat up shape i passed them on in trade or to others(I have forgotten where they gone to now).

These past few weeks i been reading a lot of Colbey’s Random Toy Reviews blog and began longing to own some non-Hasbro transforming robots again thanks to what i have been seeing over there and my thoughts have turned to Go-Bots once more.

So i made a decision and decided that there is room on the Cosmic Ark for Tonka’s die-cast and plastic robots and set out to purchase my first Super Go-Bot to own in my adult years.

I chose at random(a nod to Colbey’s great site)the Super Go-Bot Herr Fiend and it has finally arrived and after looking it over am just so excited about this thing i can’t stop playing around with it at my desk!

The perfect mix of die-cast metal and plastic(and rubber tires) with some great details like a rear view mirror, a back window wiper and a little driver really makes this Porsche 928 S turned robot a awesome thing to me.

It has some weight too thanks to the die-cast so there is this little bit of heft which i like and most of the decals still remain(love the racing numbers on the doors and hood)and transforming it is one of the easiest things(no instructions needed here).

Go-Bots either Super or not don’t get the respect or love they truly deserve which is a real shame because there are really some fun and unique ones out there that can be found at some great prices such as the one am showing here on the Cosmic Ark in this blog post.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark


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