Hot Wheels The Flintstones Flintmobile

Posted: March 22, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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Am not a die-cast car collector and while I dabbled with Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars in the past I decided in recent times to reframe from buying any of them no matter how cool or neat I found them to be.

Today I cracked when stopping on the way home from work at one of our local stores to grab some fixings for dinner after finding this…..

The Flintstones Flintmobile! Now am not a Flintstones fan however i am one of Hanna-Barbera so I decided I needed one of these for the Cosmic Ark(Actually I grabbed two with one for me and one for my friend Chad).

The best part too was the store I was at had all there Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars on sale for 60 cents so how could I not buy one?

And I know they done a Mystery Machine already but am hoping that we will get to see even more cars related to some of the other great HB cartoons cars like Hong Kong Phooey or even better Speed Buggy which would be too awesome for words.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark


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