Jazwares Hanna-Barbera Action Figures

Posted: March 25, 2013 by ChoSanJuan in Toys
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I have long been eyeing the Jazwares Hanna-Barbera action figures at our local Toys R’ Us store but have been hesitant to buy any of them thanks to there poor quality.

Well I finally pulled the trigger and bought two thanks to the “Buy One Get One Half Off” sale that was going on so the cost was less than $10 which I was in my budget and comfort zone.

I went looked through every one of the figures they had on the pegs to find the two that had the best paints and walked out of the store with the following….

I should hopefully have a couple of blog posts up about them in a few days time permitting(busy with work this week).

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark

  1. snazal says:

    I would recommend this for small children, buy Hanna Barbera Pocket Mini library 6 books little set collection

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