Jazwares Captain Caveman And Secret Squirrel

Posted: March 26, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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Originally my plan was to do a blog post on the two of these Hanna-Barbera action figures individually but at the last minute I have decided to just lump the two together in one post because I feel I will simply be repeating myself with my likes and dislikes of these.

I also want to state I love Hanna-Barbera and all of these classic cartoons and characters some more than others but as a whole I just have always enjoyed everything they did.

Now when I first saw that our local Toys R’ Us months back had started carrying action figures based off the classic HB characters I got excited until I saw who had produce them, Jazwares. Who I know has some terrible quality control issues and this made me groan out loud in the toy isle for all to hear.

And let me tell you there were some really bad things going on with all they had for sale from poor paint applications and smearing to loose or broken joints. All of which was very disheartening but not surprising given Jazwares track record.

So I have been passing on these figures every time I stop in at TRU but a few days ago after I did my normal weekly drop-in  I discovered there was a “BOGO”sale(Buy One Get One 50% off) on them so I decided it was finally time to take a chance and pick up a couple for the “Cosmic Ark”.

I chose two of the smaller scaled figures of Captain Caveman and Secret Squirrel because of there price points which keeps things in my “comfort zone” both budget and investment wise(If these were truly bad I felt I was out less than $10 so no harm or foul caused).

My thoughts on these now that I have them home and out of there packages? Very mixed I must say but again given the history of the company that make these it’s understandable.

The good is that these two figures do capture the feel and look of there cartoon counterparts very well with nice details like the Captain’s string like hairs on his face/head and Secret’s gimmick of his opening hat with telescoping spy camera(I have small issue with this too which I will talk about in a moment) .

The bad is the terrible joints that hinder these figures ability to stand properly I have to adjust and move them just right or they will simply topple over plus I notice just today before doing up this post that one of the plastic pegs in Captain Caveman’s right wrist popped out(I was able to pop it back into place).

Let get back to Secret Squirrel’s opening hat which I really love and think is a fun gimmick that mirrors his cartoon counterpart’s ability to extend a spy camera to take pictures. My small issue I have with it is that at lest with mine the camera has a hard time pegging into the small extending arm that attaches itself from inside Secret’s hat. I find it is loose and wants to fall off the pegged end of the arm but will stay on if you press and toggle it slightly.

I know a few of my regular readers/commenters where eagerly awaiting my thoughts on these two figures and I will have to say right now I would only buy any of current Hanna-Barbera Jazwares action figures if you can get them on sale or clearance.

I think there is more bad than good going on with what I have seen in the stores and now with what I have at home so I think maybe it would be a much better bet to seek out online or at your local toy reseller the McFarlane line of HB figures from a while back which you will pay more for but will I suspect get a better quality of product.

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