ToyBiz DC Super Heroes Robin The Boy Wonder

Posted: March 31, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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Ah Robin The Boy Wonder really a unsung and if I dare say underestimated hero in the DC Universe.

It seems to me that Robin really has never gotten his due until more recent years along with other “Jr.” super heroes like Bat-Girl, Kid Flash and one of my other favorites Speedy.

I forget sometimes how much I like the “classic” Boy Wonder and have to be reminded of this by either “The Real Boy Wonder” Colin of the Super-Duper Toy Box or when I get a little surprise in the mailbox.

In this case it was the latter when I was going through that box of random toys from my “brother” Brian The Ninja and discovered a very nice 1990 Toybiz DC Super Heroes action figure of Batman’s favorite sidekick.

Based off the Kenner “Super Powers” version this figure was given a karate chop power action feature which can be activated by use of a lever on it’s back but to me is a uneventful gimmick and really wasn’t needed.

Mine shown here is very clean and sports a nice yellow cloth cape but is missing it’s grappling hook and batarang but am sure I could hunt these items down if I was in desperate need of them but am really not so no need to do so.

While this is not the Kenner version it is still a good action figure and one I plan on keeping aboard the Cosmic Ark for a short while at lest and I really had some fun taking pictures of it in various situations that I feel a super hero sidekick would be involved in.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark


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