Target Stores Only: Justice League Power Suit Lex Luthor

Posted: April 8, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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Ok so Mattel is rehashing the old Brave And The Bold action figures for a Target stores exclusive Justice League line of action figures based off the current comics.

Sounds exciting right? Well it is if you were a fan of the B&B toyline which a lot of folks are and to be honest I was kind of thrilled myself at the thought of these until I actual saw them in stores and was put off by there paint schemes.

But still the price point of around $8 was giving me pause on my weekly toy hunts but I wasn’t willing to pull the trigger on any of them until now when I finally found one I thought looked good…..

Power Suit Lex Luthor! Yes! a actual super villain for the line and one that is based on my favorite version of this character from the classic Kenner Super Power toys.

Now this was really a impulse buy for me even though I had stated before to “Mister Toyriffic” BubbaShelby that this was a action figure I would most likely pick-up if I could find it for sale.

So overall this was a good purchase on my part because it is a decent figure and one I only have two gripes about…..

1) It’s chest emblem looks like a peace symbol which looks out of place for a super villain like this.

2) The weapon that comes with it is lame! I like the green “Kryptonite” missiles but what they rest in is this odd shaped shield thing that looks like it came off of a robot’s shoulder pad. This could of been so much better.

Other than those I rather like this and it shall sever as a placeholder for me until I can get a “Super Powers” Lex for my collection.

Also on a extra note I want to point out that this action figure has hollow feet and why I am telling you this? I have no ideal why other than I thought it was odd for some reason.

The “Power Suit” I have always felt put Lex Luthor on a new playing level so he could be even more of a intimidating foe and could hold his own in a big time physical fight rather than hiding behind some robotic creation or genetically enhanced minion.

In short Lex could actually get his hands dirty rather than using someone or something else to do his dirty work for him and I found that to make him more of a true super villain rather than some mad scientist or wealthy power hungry businessman.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark


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