New local store, new haul

Posted: April 15, 2013 by ChoSanJuan in Accessories, Products, Sales, Wii
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We got a new store in the local area called Five Below.  It’s a $5 store.  Jboy was gracious enough to let me know that they have these $5 fight sticks for the Wii on Friday, their opening day.  I had some business (business = buy cat litter and play Ingress…) to do over in that area on Saturday so I figured that I’d finally get some fight sticks to review.  (They are only $5…  What did I have to lose, right?)  That place had me sucked right in.  My intention to spend only $10 on some new Wii controllers turned into a $50+ trip!  With the addition of some sodas and candy, over half of it was gaming stuff.  I’ve been looking for a cheap copy of Metroid Other M and I got it for a non-used price!  They had 2 different kinds of fight sticks, so I grabbed them both.  They had Minecraft posters from (real ones not shown, they are getting framed) for $5 which go for $15 on their site!

Needless to say, this place isn’t full of cheap and knock off crap.  A little dated but really impressive.  Now I’ve got more to add to my review stash.  Guess I better get moving on all this stuff…

  1. peachyks22 says:

    shoot I would have gave you other m. I got it for $3 not long after it came out.

    • UberDalum says:

      No big deal. It will go into my Disney-esque vault and never come out. I think that’s the deal lately with all the new purchases I have in my list.

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