Nickelodeon TMNT Pop-Up Pizza Playset Anchovy Alley

Posted: April 15, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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This “Pizza Box” that pops open into a subway scene was a birthday gift from my aunt and uncle this year and it was something I had been looking at for a while now but never would pick-up for one reason or another.

At 18″ tall once opened this is a absolutely cool playset that is easy to store once you are done with it because it’s closes up back into a pizza box with ease.

There are several gimmicks with it such as the swinging lamp post, the pizza oven launcher and a sewer cover that can toss enemies with a flick of a switch.

Nothing to assembly here as it’s pretty much ready to go out of the box once you get it home but there are some decals that need to placed on and as much as I hate them these ones with this set actually were very easy to do.

Best part of having Anchovy Alley too is that not only can I use it for a display for my Nick Turtles but some of my other action figures as well.

Just a great and fun set from Playmates and one that is not too much of a budget buster either at it’s retail price of $24.99 so it’s one I highly recommend for Turtle fans if they already don’t own one.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark


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