The Gasman! Once A Heroic Member Of The Corps! Now A Evil Super Villain

Posted: May 14, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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The Gasman action figure comes to me via Kevin of AFA and while I no longer collect The Corps! figures optioning to focus on G.I. Joes this one really captured my interest for whatever reason.

From what I read on this character he is supposed to be a actual good guy but to me he just screams “Super Villain” which I have decided to classify him at now.

To me this action figure has the look of villainy to me and am reminded of G.I. Joe characters like Croc Master and Copperhead when I look at this guy. He has this 70s/80s comic book vibe to him I really like as well.

I think I could see the Gasman feeling upset or betrayed by his former team members in The Corps! that has lead him to his life of crime and he has thrown in his lot with other super villains creating his own new team.

 Imaginative ideals and story lines aside this is a fun action figure that is a little different than your standard military themed type with it’s grey mask and brightly colored suit (Unless you are getting into some of the later 90s released Joes that have some bright colors themselves).

I think I might keep this one for the “Cosmic Ark” Collection for a little while because of it’s fun factor to me. The enjoyment I got out of just setting up and taking pictures of this one was great and it was less of a task which sometimes I feel am having when am getting these blog posts ready.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark

  1. UberDalum says:

    He’s like Bane’s little cousin.

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