LJN Mumm-Ra Tomb Fortress Playset

Posted: May 27, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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This was a major trade item I had gotten recently from Brian over at Cool & Collected and I have been waiting to talk about it here on the Cosmic Ark.

Produced in the 80s by LJN as part of the popular Thundercats line of toys this set was were the evil Mummy Mumm-Ra would go to plot against his feline enemies and with the powers granted to him by the ancient spirits of evil (represented in this set by the lizard and minotaur statues) could transform his decayed form into the powerful Mumm-Ra The Ever-Living.

This is done with this set via “transformation chamber” in which could place your mummy Mumm-Ra action figure and with a turn of a rotation disc would become the beefy version of himself (You are required to have a Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living figure to do this switch which I currently lack but hope to locate a complete one at some point).

The details on the Tomb Fortress are very nice both in the front as well on the backside of it were you can see it’s not all magic going on because Mumm-Ra also uses some super science as well for various sinister purposes.

The best thing I think about this set (besides it glow-in-the-dark eyes/teeth and the statues moving parts via levers) is in the fact you could and can use it for other action figures which was one of the ideals I had in the back of mind when I first saw this over at Brian’s online store and was a major reason I wanted to have it(and the fact it just looks so cool).

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark


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