Go-Bots Cy-Kill

Posted: June 2, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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With a name like Cy-Kill you know this transforming robot is all business and not one to take lightly even if he is a little awkward looking in his vehicle mode.

I found the Go-Bot’s Renegades leader at a excellent price and in a good condition too at the Antique and Collectibles Show I attended yesterday.

As a added bonus one of my friends who knew I love Go-Bots gave me a couple of old erasers which actually feature this character.

Go-Bots are great and it is unfortunate that they always get treated by lots of toy collectors and fans as the Transformer’s poor cousins.

I rather like there die-cast/plastic bodies and simple transformations plus the variety of robots available makes them always a first choice for me over there rivals every time.

via Revenge From The Cosmic Ark


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