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Asura’s Wrath is an amazing assault on your inner-anime geek. With what some people tout as a game that is little more than an interactive anime, there is something deeper. This isn’t some Dragon’s Lair or Space Ace clone… No, this is a game steeped in legacy gaming genres like beat-em ups and on-rails shooters.  Coupled with the amazing cues from traditional Anime, this game is just amazing!  (I know, I’m gushing!)

Since this game is so incredibly story driven, there’s too much spoiler alert action going on here. Every step of the way, you are making decisions regarding your betrayal and how you are going to act your revenge on the others while rescuing your daughter. (Sorry, I just can’t say more without ruining too much!)

This game is also the first game I’ve ever purchased 100% of the DLC. Things I don’t need to keep a secret is the 2 side story events. Both center around the Street Fighter universe. They take the game engine and turn it on it’s side by making it a 2.5d fighter ala Street Fighter 4! Ryu gets teleported in as a very grumpy fighter to take on grumpier Asura. The fight progresses and you get to fight Shin/Evil Ryu. Once you defeat both his incarnations, episode 2 kicks in and you fight Akuma/Goki! What an imaginative treat to take a really good game, and game engine, and cross it up with another beloved series from Capcom. Very akin to the other vs games but instead of bringing other characters to the fighting game engine, they brought the fighters to a beat-em-up! With Capcom’s clever use of swapping properties to other titles, I’d like to see Asura in the next Marvel vs Capcom or DLC character in the next installment is Street Fighter 4!