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Pocket Monsters :)

Posted: November 2, 2013 by karaski in Uncategorized
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In case you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks I am here to inform you that the next generation of Pokémon has been released for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console. As in traditional Pokémon fashion they released two games Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Due to my compounding disappointment and lack of enthusiasm for the most recent DS releases, Black and White and Black 2 and White 2, I chose not to pre-order the new copies. However, the collector in me led me to the store on release day where I ultimately purchased both X and Y.

Quite honestly I assumed I would open them up for the Club Nintendo points and spend a few days messing around with one of them before they made their way to their permanent home on one of my shelves next to their ancestors. However, as I started to play Pokémon X I became quickly impressed with the modifications Nintendo made to the game. 

I was instantly attracted to the Animal Crossing type elements of purchasing new outfits and changing at the Poke Centers/Marts. I also liked the concept of online play and battles. In addition they allow you to pick a starter Pokémon in the beginning of the game and after you beat the first gym leader you can choose another starter from the professor. You get to choose from the original three, which is refreshing with the plethora of new and unimaginative Pokémon that have been released in the past few generations.


There were a few things I didn’t like. I know people are raving about the different view options but it just confuses me… I miss my top-down view. I feel like I am missing stores or places to visit with the 3rd person perspective. Another thing that frustrates me is the lack of 3D. Quite honestly the game isn’t in 3D at all, with the exception of the battle sequences (which have been greatly improved).

That being said I do not expect this to go permanently to my shelf after the first or second gym leader. I really want to play around with the online functions and see what else the game has to offer. I don’t see myself completing both version but I will most likely get to the end of Pokémon X. I will let you know how my Pokémon Master quest ends.