Fred’s Top 10 of 2013

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Welcome to my top 10 of 2013.  Like last year, these aren’t necessarily games that came out in 2013 but more of new experiences and titles for me that happened throughout the year.  These games aren’t in any particular order but I do have one game that is my top pick for the year!*

Let’s check it out!

  • Ducktales Remastered – PS3:  Believe it or not, I actually do have games in my list that were released in 2013!  This game was amazing when it was out on the NES and it rocks today!  I even got it on disk and not DLC.  The only thing that sucks is the infectious theme song that plays in the beginning.

    (You’re welcome…)
  • Minecraft PS3 Edition – PS3:  Who didn’t know this was going to hit my list?  This version practically squeaked in at the last minute for the year.  At that point, I made the decision to buy a 4th version of this game.  (360, PC, PE and now PS3!)
  • Knightmare Tower – Ouya:  “Break through ceilings, rescue princesses and escape boiling lava as you slash your way to the top of the Knightmare Tower!”  It’s really hard to explain the game other than the official tag line.
  • Super Crate Box – Ouya:  From the creator of Super Meat Boy, comes Super Crate Box.  Ever have the need to whip your controller to the ground and rage quit?  This is a good one to start with!  Something that starts off looking like some sort of mutated cousin of Donkey Kong, the game is a progressive fight from level to level and gun to gun.
  • Diablo III – PS3:  A long time coming, Diablo III was released on consoles in 2013.  Lots of people went nuts and pre-ordered it.  I was one of them.  It was even down to making the decision to buy it while vacationing with my wife and Kara.  This game is in depth and a blast to play.  The easy drop in/drop out multiplayer made it a pleasure to play and didn’t make organizing a game a daunting task.  Everyone at Blizzard, I personally think you for bringing this to the 2013 current gen market!
  • Sleeping Dogs – PS3:  One of the free titles for being a PSN subscriber, I jumped on this one as it was the spiritual successor of the True Crime series that I played a LOT of on the Gamecube.  You can feel how the controls were made to be similar and it didn’t disappoint!  Less of a fan of True Crime Streets of NY but LOVED True Crime Streets of LA, this game brought it back to it’s roots.

    And the awesome live-action trailer:
  • Dead Space 3 – XBox360:  The top game series of making me poo myself: Dead Space.  This 3rd installment is no exception to the rule.  Many complained about the microtransactions within the game, but you can ignore it and still beat the game.  Currently, I’m continually getting stomped in the hardcore mode, but this will have to wait till 2014! 😉
  • Asura’s Wrath – PS3:  What can I say about the greatest interactive, episodic Anime OVA ever made?  So much more since I wrote a gushing article about it a few months back.  The concept art, fake commercial bumpers, intro credits, and “next time”/”last time” recaps make a really great experience for thi alternative beat-em-up!  My only hate on this version of the game is the insane amount of screen tearing found specifically on the PS3.  That needs to go!
  • Towerfall – Ouya (Exclusive):  This is a couch-style, 4 player, multiplayer, archery combat game.  This is probably one the best examples of what the Ouya is made of!  Slinging arrows all over the screen at your friends, triggering traps and opening chests bring it all back to all of the great multiplayer gaming from the 90s, including all of the screaming at each other.  For now, it’s an Ouya exclusive, so grab a friend that has one and bring your controllers!
    Here is a great gameplay video from farfromsubtle.
  • GT Racing 2: Real Car Experience – Android:  Anyone that knows me, knows I sure do like my racing games!  It’s far an few when there is a good one on any portable platform, so when there is, I snag it and hold onto it.  With this being said, I’m declaring this game as my top game of the year!  Who would of thought that a portable game would get so much of my attention this year?!!?!  As the name indicates, there are real cars in it.  Not only does it have real cars, it packed with cars that I like:  Toyota FT 86 II (aka The US Twins – Scion FRs/Subaru BRZ), Dodge Dart GT, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X & EvoX GSR, Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Audi TT RS Coupe, Toyota Supra GT and Nissan GT-R (R35).  This in itself should give any car enthusiast a reason to check this title out!  So much more to say about this game, but that will be an actual review article later this year!
    As an aside…  This game, like others on Android, can be paired with bluetooth controllers.  Ouya controllers can be paired easily without any extra apps to trick the system into pairing controllers like Wii and PS3 controllers.  After pairing my Ouya controller to my Nexus 7, my enjoyability for this game went out the roof!

There you have it folks, my list for 2013.  I’m excites to see what 2014 will bring us but I do have one last minute entry that really needs to make my list…
Honorable mention IRL game:

  • Munchkin:  Hearing about this game from many of my friends, I finally bit the bullet and bought the basic pack.  Mildly confusing in the beginning but if you just forget about conventional pen and paper RPGs, it gets super easy!  Check out Whil Wheaton and his crew on Tabletop.  Great web series!

* Systems listed in my list are the platforms I have them on, not what they are available for.


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