How it All Began

Posted: December 29, 2013 by karaski in Humor, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Plus, Products, Review
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My first contribution to the GameBlips site back in 2012 was an article on Minecraft for PC/Mac and here I am, almost two (2) years later, back to talk about Minecraft again. This time, however, I want to talk about the long-anticipated PS3 adaptation of the game. Released in just the past few weeks I have already racked up a hefty amount of hours into the game and I am very impressed with the PS3 version.

I have always played Minecraft Vanilla (with no modifications) and unlike a lot of folks, I do not own an Xbox 360 so I have never played a consolized version. So at first I did find the crafting mechanism in the PS3 version a little cheap… it takes away a lot of the experimentation of figuring out how the crafting table worked and how to create certain items. Now that I am used to it though, I don’t hate it and actually find it kind of convenient.

Another adjustment I had to make was the control scheme using the PS3 controller and even after probably 10+ hours of gameplay I am still adjusting to the controls, primarily the R1 and L1 switching between quick pick items.

Making these minor adjustments has proved fairly easy and the ability to play multiplayer without a server totally makes up for it! I am loving the ability to jump into my friend’s games and visa-versa. I have been racking some time in with Dalum, GFresh, and E-Rock over the holidays and look forward to playing with some other folks. Add me on psn: peachyks22


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