Posted: September 5, 2014 by ChoSanJuan in Site News

Everyone, please welcome Alex!  New to the world of writer and content editor for GameBlips but a long time gamer .  With interests in some retro-gaming to current gen systems along with sci-fi, sprinkled with anime…  Alex will be a great addition to the group!

Don’t be bashful…  Say some nice stuff about yourself!

Thanks for the nice welcome! I do love gaming and I love writing. I can’t wait to share my most amazing gaming experiences with you all. I’ll even share about some awesome finds I make in my random game chasing treks and about interesting collector’s items I acquire. My current obsession is Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition and I can’t wait to talk about that. So stay tuned!

  1. John Gaither says:

    Nice to see some new blood and great that something I help start is alive and well….good luck with the relauch and welcome aboard Alex.

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