The Cereal Box: Disc or Download

Posted: September 12, 2014 by technogaja in PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, Video Games, Xbox 360, Xbox One
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I miss my early childhood when Saturday morning meant getting up to watch cartoons and eat cereal. Not just eat cereal but sit and read the cereal box while I ate. It always made me feel good to do the puzzles or just look at the colorful characters; The Trix Rabbit, The Flinstones, Count Chocula. Seeing the boxes first made anticipating breakfast fun and kept me happy until I finished eating.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always preferred the box. I loved going to the store and looking through all the games and then going home with a box. I loved the anticipation building from the store to my console and then experiencing that rewarding joy of seeing all the video magic that I got from that box. That is when the excitement lasted the longest for me; from box to “Thank you for playing Presented by…”.

Recently I struggled with a purchase of a highly anticipated game, Destiny. I even went to a midnight launch. Yet, while the excitement built and I received the box, I still felt unsatisfied. I felt this way because I like a good deal. I like to get the most for my dollar and before the launch I read about Bungie’s offer that if you purchase the digital download of the game on ps3 or xbox 360 you also get its next gen counterpart for free. So I can have two copies of the game, one for each generation of my console for the price of one! Suddenly the box became less exciting. I took a couple of days to think about it and then decided to return the box and take advantage of the download offer. So here I am. No box and an awesome deal. I still get all the visual magic I’ve been waiting for, but I have no box to look at while I eat my cereal.

I remember the time when the idea of “going all digital download” began buzzing on the net. I remember feeling scared that this would happen. Have I finally given in? Have I sold out? I’m still not settled with my choice but I do take comfort in knowing that while I don’t have a box to look at, my dollars still support an industry that has been bringing me the most joy since Saturday morning cartoons.


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