Minecraft Monday Shoutouts!

Posted: September 30, 2014 by technogaja in Minecraft Monday, Streaming Shows, Video, Video Games, Xbox One
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Hey all! Thanks to everyone who tuned in last night to watch and participate in my journey to Minecraft masterdom!  I especially want to send a shoutout to twitcher Joelj136 for showing me a cool easter egg in Minecraft with those signs.  I have to practice it some more and make some neat signs like you did!  Also to twitcher dailygamer0101 who also helped me bringing cobblestone and adding a furnace! That was cool!  I hope you guys come back next week for Minecraft Monday! I’ll be doing it again on Xbox One to see if I can’t make more of that “dwelling” I buit of really high plank walls and one door. haha.  I really need to learn how to make a roof.

See y’all next week! Same time. Same Twitch Channel: GameBlips

Also, click on the program schedule link above to see what else we’ll streaming this week! Join me tomorrow for some old school gaming!


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