Too Many Cooks in Minecraft

Posted: November 11, 2014 by ChoSanJuan in Humor, Minecraft Monday, PC, Video, Video Games, YouTube
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Tonight took a really weird turn when our server felt like acting up for somewhere in the range of 11 minutes and 11 seconds. That just happens to be the same time stamp as the current viral video from [Adult Swim], Too Many Cooks. 

After that hilarious diversion, we kept on trucking with our wheat farmer build.  After it was built, serviceable and secured, we called it a night.  Here is a pic of our kingdom so far.


Our chunky castle turret, spawn house of obsidian, strip mine entrance to the left and the auto wheat farmer in the back.  (Not shown: Kara’s house across the river and the original strip mine entrance far, far away…)

We are getting somewhere. Slowly but surely, we are getting somewhere. :mrgreen:


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