Minecraft Monday! New build in the works!

Posted: November 17, 2014 by ChoSanJuan in Minecraft Monday, PC, Streaming Shows, Video, Video Games
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mob spawner

What to build…
What to build…

How about a Mob grinder?!  There just happens to be one in the large cave behind Kara’s house, across the river!  Join us tonight on Twitch to see us get shot to death by an army of skeletons.

  1. sharpedojaws says:

    Is this a public server?

    • ChoSanJuan says:

      Sort of… It is when we have it running and when it isn’t full of the GameBlips staff. It’s a small 4 slot server so space is a premium when all of us are on streaming.

  2. fymfb says:

    Did you get it built? I will add you to my twitch and check in!

    • ChoSanJuan says:

      Unfortunately, no. We just kind of went about our business and did some resource gathering. Stay tuned on Monday… We should get started with the real construction of it.

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