GameBlips is a group of video game players that started a multimedia rich, electronic fanzine called “The Conduit” back in the winter of 1995. Distribution was interesting back then. Internet was starting to get to the masses and was a deal at $20.00/month! Simple things like email addresses weren’t free but AOL floppy disks were. So with the wonders of local BBS locations and free floppy disks, a small group of friends started something way ahead of it’s time.

Now we are all older and wiser. The internet is now something that it was far from back in 1994/1995.  Floppy disks have gone the way of dialup modems and BBS software. Our main form of distribution became a Podcast and website both with virtually unlimited storage online.

Our only regret is that we never kept originals of our 2 issues we put out.

We had a great run of 2 years with the show but called it quits for production as real world schedules took over.  With our gaming labor of love only on the back burner, it’s now 2012 and we are slowly making another run for our passions of gaming, toys and anime.  Again, a little older and wiser, we welcome you to come and share in our fun.


  • Fred (UberDalum) – Founding Member.  All around tech guy from sites, social media, podcast production, etc…
  • John (Jboypacman) – Founding Member.  Classic/Retro Gaming and Toy afficianado.
  • Kara – Yeah, our girl gamer.  Be jealous.  (I’ll let her add more info here as she sees necessary.)
  • Alex (Technogaja) – Our newest gamer.  The catalyst to pushing us into the streaming era.

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