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Happy New Year! Please update your bookmarks!

Posted: January 1, 2015 by ChoSanJuan in Site News

NOTICEWe have moved to a new domain.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything but update your bookmark to us.  Just hit us up at and you will see our new updated look but all the same great content and notifications of when we are straeming on Twitch!

We will keep this page live for all the old schoolers out there, but there will be no further updates on this site.



Thanks to everyone for a great first few months of streaming.  It’s been an amazing time since September and we have no signs of letting up.  We picked up our own domain and all of our content is moving!  Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t letting us move our user base.  😦


Friday Night Fights will not be running this week due to schedules and vacations to Toronto, Chicago and other locations.  In it’s place, keep an eye out for some articles on some of the gaming hot spots we might be visiting.

(We miiiiight be hitting up Playduim on Toronto!)

SORRIt’s Wayback WHENsday!  Join me while I go a chapter (or 2… or more…) at a time running Bare Knuckle through the Streets while I Rage in the juggernaut of a remake.  This will be a multi part series I will run on Wednesdays on my rotation until I beat Mr X for the very last time!

Since this is going to be a long running segment, I’ll only be running for about an hour at a time during the SORR shows.  This will also be recorded and reposted to our YouTube channel at a later date.

Don’t forget to check out our programming schedule link to get in the know of future streams on our main channel!

Join me tonight for our first Minecraft Monday!

Posted: September 15, 2014 by ChoSanJuan in PC, Site News, Video Games
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I will be running a 2 hour session on our Minecraft server starting at 8pm EST.  Please join us on our main Twitch channel or jump in on the game at  The world is set for only 4 people running a very vanilla Bukkit server.  Also, you will need to create a new profile in your game launcher to download 1.7.9 in order to log in.  Not much has been done on this world since I’ve launched it so we can really make some magic happen on this map!

See everyone tonight and don’t forget to look at our programming schedule for our other streaming specials!

New streaming schedule!

Posted: September 13, 2014 by ChoSanJuan in Site News
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Starting 9/15/14 on our main Twitch channel, we will be running a rotating weekly schedule of themed nights!

  • Minecraft Monday – Join us on PS3, PS4 or our Bukkit/vanilla server to start your week off right!
  • Wayback WHENsday – Old Skool gaming or new takes on games with a retro twist.
  • Friday Night Fights – Get ready to tape up your hands while we stream some of our fave fighting games and beat em ups.

For more details on our streaming schedule, check out the programming schedule link at the top of the site.


Posted: September 5, 2014 by ChoSanJuan in Site News

Everyone, please welcome Alex!  New to the world of writer and content editor for GameBlips but a long time gamer .  With interests in some retro-gaming to current gen systems along with sci-fi, sprinkled with anime…  Alex will be a great addition to the group!

Don’t be bashful…  Say some nice stuff about yourself!

Thanks for the nice welcome! I do love gaming and I love writing. I can’t wait to share my most amazing gaming experiences with you all. I’ll even share about some awesome finds I make in my random game chasing treks and about interesting collector’s items I acquire. My current obsession is Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition and I can’t wait to talk about that. So stay tuned!

Another relaunch?

Posted: September 5, 2014 by ChoSanJuan in Site News
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One of the constants with GameBlips is the fact that we never really go away.  Sometimes real life gets in the way but we work things out and get motivated again.

On the next episode of GameBlips:  We reveal a new character, Return to our YouTube video channel, Twitch Streaming too?  DON’T MISS IT!!!

Who is excited for our future?

Don’t forget our phone number is still active!  Call us at (989)545-1211 and leave a voicemail and we’ll stick it into one of our next videos.

Well it’s been a great ride here on

Posted: June 20, 2013 by ChoSanJuan in Site News, Toys

Well it’s been a great ride here on the Cosmic Ark and who would of thought that this secondary blog I was doing as a side deal next my now long gone video game blog so many years ago would turn out the way it did.

But it’s time for the Ark to head to the graveyard of starships but fear not my friends am far from done here on the blog-a-sphere-a-go-go because am just starting over with a new action figure blog called “The Clawful Punch” right here on Blogger.

This has been a something I been wanting to do for a very long time to get away from the video game inspired title of the Cosmic Ark and after some recent problems I was having with my photos and other computer related things it seemed like it was time to make the move.

I will be posting now using my actual name and I even linked up the new blog to Google + to increase some traffic to my random toy postings which should be interesting to see what happens with me doing this.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for the support you have given to me and to this blog and I hope you will be following over to my new one as it is now up and ready for viewing.

So look for some things you have already seen and some things you haven’t yet over at… and I plan on leaving the Cosmic Ark for a short while so everyone will know where I have gone.

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~John Gaither

Happy Birthday!

Posted: April 1, 2013 by ChoSanJuan in Site News

Big shout out to to our bro, Jboypacman!