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Thanks to everyone for a great first few months of streaming.  It’s been an amazing time since September and we have no signs of letting up.  We picked up our own domain and all of our content is moving!  Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t letting us move our user base.  😦



Join me starting tonight at 7:30 PM to kick off 7 days in a row where I will be streaming on twitch live from my ps4!

There will be a variety of games played including Minecraft, Diablo III, Don’t Starve, and many more! Stay tuned to the game blips Facebook page for details! I look forward to seeing you all there for at least one of the days!

First off, I am happy for anyone out there enjoying Ni No Kuni right now but I have to share my horrible experience with the Wizard’s Edition pre-order. Despite pre-ordering my copy in August 2012 for $100 dollars I have yet to receive any sort of communication from Namco Bandai regarding it’s status or shipment. Recall this special edition could only be ordered via their website.

Luckily I had saved the e-mail from when I placed the order so I was able to log in and see that my order still existed (I have read in forums and on Facebook that many others had their orders randomly cancelled on them). I even see a hold in my checking account for the purchase price but no communication from Namco or Digital River, who is supposed to be handling the shipments.

The Ni No Kuni Facebook page has exploded with angry people waiting on their Wizards Edition and then imagine my frustation when I see Namco Bandai tweet that they are making more editions available on their website! They should be taking care of the people who ordered and paid for day 1 shipping before they release more copies.

Needless to say I am a little worried about my order. Check out the thread below for more information.

Anyone else in this boat with me? What have you heard?

In an effort to rekindle our original fanbase, we are going to start cross posting all of our posts back to FB again!  Why you ask?

\m/. We are getting the band back together!  😉  .\m/


We have a hard time too.  That’s why we have an account.

It will act as our central hub for our blog, G+, Twitter, YouTube and any other site we end up adding to our network.  Check us out at to stay in the loop!

We’ve moved our photos from our Shaq Fu World Tour from our Facebook Page to our Google+ page.  You can now access them here.

GameBlips is on Google+!!!

Posted: January 7, 2012 by ChoSanJuan in Facebook, Google+, Site News, Social Networks

GameBlips is making a new home at Google+. Share this update with everyone to get some great info for Video Game and Toy Reviews!
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