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Close to 1 AM, I finally had it with trying keep hitting the login button to see if I could shove my way in.  I attempted to contact a Sony rep, via chat, and this is how it all transpired…




Hey all! Thanks to everyone who tuned in last night to watch and participate in my journey to Minecraft masterdom!  I especially want to send a shoutout to twitcher Joelj136 for showing me a cool easter egg in Minecraft with those signs.  I have to practice it some more and make some neat signs like you did!  Also to twitcher dailygamer0101 who also helped me bringing cobblestone and adding a furnace! That was cool!  I hope you guys come back next week for Minecraft Monday! I’ll be doing it again on Xbox One to see if I can’t make more of that “dwelling” I buit of really high plank walls and one door. haha.  I really need to learn how to make a roof.

See y’all next week! Same time. Same Twitch Channel: GameBlips

Also, click on the program schedule link above to see what else we’ll streaming this week! Join me tomorrow for some old school gaming!


Hey everybody! Members of the GameBlips team have gone on holiday (yawn), so while they’re away I’m going to play! Join me tonight at 8 while I stream Minecraft Xbox One Edition.  Feel free to live chat and give me some tips and tricks to getting around in this world and making it my…own. The idea is to shock them with my mad minecrafting skillz when they return so any training you can provide would be awesomely appreciated!!  See you tonight on the GameBlips Twitch Channel!

As mentioned in the video, this is more proof of concept and not “THE way” of doing it.  It is, however, a good way to put a $20 Gamestick to use and get the controls of Console Edition Minecraft while playing on your PC! (more…)


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It’s almost time for our first FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS! 



Charge up those controllers or just sign on and check out my awesome(no, not awesome he’s a button masher) skills!! Tonight I’ll be broadcasting the new Killer Instinct on XBox One and if there’s time maybe a little bit of the original Killer Instinct.

When: 7 o’clock!

Who: You, me

Where: on GameBlips’ twitch channel!!

Be there!! So you can kiss my(no, kick, more like kick his)   images (1)

Be sure to check out our programming schedule link at the top of the page to see what’s coming up on our main channel!

I miss my early childhood when Saturday morning meant getting up to watch cartoons and eat cereal. Not just eat cereal but sit and read the cereal box while I ate. It always made me feel good to do the puzzles or just look at the colorful characters; The Trix Rabbit, The Flinstones, Count Chocula. Seeing the boxes first made anticipating breakfast fun and kept me happy until I finished eating.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always preferred the box. I loved going to the store and looking through all the games and then going home with a box. I loved the anticipation building from the store to my console and then experiencing that rewarding joy of seeing all the video magic that I got from that box. That is when the excitement lasted the longest for me; from box to “Thank you for playing Presented by…”.


No, not this:


Every now and then I get in the mood to grab a shiny new AAA title on launch day.  The last one I did was Diablo III back in September of last year for PS3.  Now it’s another PS3 title from a small rag-tag group called Bungie.  (Yeah, I know…  Why am I bothering with such a small time, no name company like them?)  I’ve mentioned in the past about how much I never really cared for the Halo series and always wished it were something… more.  Their ears must have been burning because the beta that was released was, indeed, that thing I wished Halo to be.

afterfocus_1410121653638I’m excited for this game to come out and will actually be going to the midnight release for my pre-order.  (What’s wrong with me??!?!  I NEVER do this??!?!?!)  Hopefully I get there in time to snag me free t-shirt!  🙂