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Kara’s Top 5 in 2014

Posted: December 24, 2014 by karaski in iOS, Lists, Mobile Gaming, Playstation 4, Sony, Video Games

While thinking of my top 10 this year I realized I would simply be listing all the games I played. Since I was very busy with work and my first year in my house I didn’t play that many games but those that I played, I played a lot! That being said here are my top 5 games for 2014!

#1 Dragon Age Inquisition (PS4)


#2 Hearthstone (IOS)


#3 Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition (PS4)


#4 Minecraft (PS4)


#5 Don’t Starve (PS4)



As I mentioned last year, my top 10 of 2013 is based on games that were released this year that I had a chance to play. I do not own an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, which is why there is an absence of Microsoft presence on my list (I can’t judge a game I have not played). I did pick up a Playstation 4 but unfortunately my launch day pick up didn’t make it either. I had fun putting this together so I hope you have fun reading my opinions! 🙂


Fire Emblem: Awakening (3ds)

Two years in a row a tactical, strategy RPG has made it’s way to the top of my list. I had quite a hard time getting a hold of Fire Emblem when it was released because Nintendo was really pushing to get folks to download this title through the E-Shop. They even released a special edition Fire Emblem blue 3ds console but the copy of the game that came with it was digital! Still, I would like to get my hands on that someday.

This game was AMAZING, the cut scene graphics blew me away on the 3DS. I literally didn’t put the game down after I started playing. I had to plug  my 3DS in quite a few times. I will be honest and say that the romance and story really captured me. I read / sat through every piece of dialogue that they offered. After I finished the game I played through it two additional times to try and bond different characters and classes in battle for an advantage. I would highly recommend this game to fans of RPGS.


Diablo III

When Diablo III was released for Playstation 3 I was curious about it because of all the hype surrounding the earlier PC launch but I wasn’t planning on picking it up. In fact the only reason I did was because a few of my friends had a copy and said the multiplayer was great. Now here it is sitting atop my best of 2013 list. I had so much fun playing the game and playing with friends mainly. You can’t explain the feeling of finding a rare drop after a battle and equipping it proudly! I still throw this game in every so often and see it as something I will continue to play to level up my character and gain rare items.


Animal Crossing

I am a sucker for Animal Crossing in general, it is an extremely underrated Nintendo game. I think a lot of people consider it for little kids or non-hardcore gamers because of the simple gameplay and cutsey graphics but some of the most dedicated video game players I know are fans of the game and put hundreds, even thousands of hours in their towns. I will admit I stopped playing with Pokemon was released shortly after but I know someday I will log in again and see my weed-ridden town and angry neighbors.



I don’t have much new to say about this tactical strategy RPG that I didn’t say last year. Enemy Within isn’t mind-blowingly different that Enemy Unknown, which is why it falls a little on the list. The new additions are great and I love having an excuse to try and play the game again with the new options. Will someone else please pick this up so I can get some multiplayer in?? Please and Thank you 🙂


Pokemon X and Y

Always a sucker for a new Pokemon game, I picked both titles up on launch day. I have not played enough to get my moneys worth  but I am hoping one of these weekends I can spend every waking hour training up my pokemon and beating the remaining gym leaders. I enjoy the new features of the game and still love the experience of playing the game.


Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

If you would have asked me earlier this year what my #1 would be, I probably would have answered with no hesitation that it would be Ni No Kuni. If you’ve been reading the blog you know my sob story about pre-ordering the Wizards Edition and fearing it would not arrive so purchasing a gamestop copy only to have my Wizard’s Edition arrive later that week. I still loved the idea of the game and need to get back to finishing it but It didn’t grab me like I expected… maybe I hyped myself up too much.


dragons crown

This was a random pick up that turned into a lot of fun. I am not quite sure how to describe the game correctly but it is a RPG mixed with a side-scrolling beat-em up and a TON of fun multiplayer. It looks like chaos on the screen when you get a lot of people in the mix but the over the top character design and animations make for a lot of laughs. I would recommend you check it out!



I should just say “see previous post” but I will give you  a little more… I have been playing Minecraft on my Mac since it was in beta but really am enjoying the console version because it allows me to add friends quickly and easily without using a server. That is what really sets this version apart for me.


super hexagon

It seems silly to add a cheap mobile game to the list but I can’t tell you how many hours I have drained (and continue to drain) into this game. The objective is simple enough; last as long as you can (you’re the little triangle) without touching a wall. Seems simple enough but add high-energy electronic music and a very fast moving design and you’re in for a difficult time. Eventually you can unlock more levels at higher difficulty.


last of us

I purchased this game thinking it was going to be the next Skyrim (in terms of hours invested) but sadly it was not. The graphics looked AMAZING, especially in the cut scenes but I became quickly frustrated with the stealth sections of the game and never finished it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s here on this list because I will finish it and I enjoyed what I had seen so far but it didn’t live up to the hype for me.

The Return of Breakout

Posted: May 15, 2013 by ChoSanJuan in Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Mobile Gaming, PC, Video Games

GoogleBreakoutIf it’s viral qualities haven’t come your way yet, there was another easter egg found in Google yesterday.  This time it comes in the form of the brick smashing game, Breakout.  All you need to do is load up Google and head to the image search.  Type in “Atari Breakout”, hit enter and let the fun begin!  In terms of graphics, it’s pretty spot on emulating an old 8-bit Atari game so it is pretty sparse.  The fun part about it is that your bricks are image search results for Atari Breakout with different colors overlayed to represent the different layers of the game board.

Note:  Though it seems to play in any HTML5 capable browser, your mileage may vary.  It loads and plays in IE8 but it’s very choppy.  Chrome is the browser of choice to play this one.  Also, it plays in mobile browsers too!

GameBlips Podcast S3E3!

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Fred and Kara discuss what was brought and bought over the holidays, lots of Pocket Gaming  along with this month’s documentary: Minecraft – The Story of Mojang.

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End song: Underwater Theme (Super Mario Bros.) Guitar Cover provided by FamilyJules7x – All of his covers are GREAT!

When games were first coming out for the iPhone and iPad they were directed towards the ‘casual gamer’ or someone who might only have a few minutes to waste while waiting at a Doctor’s Office. For some this is still the image they have of iPad gaming but there have been some major developments making the device appealing to ‘hardcore gamers’ as well.

Thanks to my wonderful Mom I received an iPad 2 for Christmas! After installing my ‘must have’ applications like Pandora, I Heart Radio, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, YouTube, and Google Chrome I moved onto the gaming section. Now I have to admit, you need to either know what you’re looking for, or dig pretty deep to find the good stuff.

ImageThe first game I purchased was was Bastion, which I own through Steam for my Mac but the app was only $.99 and I never finished it on my Mac due to difficulty with the controls. So I figured for that price I would give it a try and I was VERY happy with my purchase. The game controls much easier with the touch screen (for me anyway) and the game wasn’t cut down at all for the iPad; I didn’t see any story differences between the Steam and iPad versions.


The graphics are stunning on the ipad screen and gameplay wise I just love the way the narration is based on your actions. I am significantly farther in my iPad copy than I am on Steam and I have played for hours at a time without getting fatigued by handling the iPad. It is a must own for $.99 cents. I can’t encourage you enough to pick this up if you have a device that support the game.


The next game I downloaded, based on a recommendation from Fred, was Pocket Legends, which is a cross-platform mobile MMORPG that let’s you choose from a few classes (melee, healer, range, etc). In standard RPG fashion they have side quests for you to complete and in standard MMO fashion they also have “lobbys” or home towns where new players spawn and you can group up, trade items, etc.


I have probably invested an hour or two into the game so far so I have barely scratched the surface of the combat and I have only played as the avian class. I am looking forward to meeting with with Fred and learning more about the battle system. Now, it is one of those so called Free to Play games that makes it’s money through in-app purchases but it’s fun none-the-less and pretty impressive that it works without much issue with people from all over the world.

The world of Alterra has been over-run and the Elf Queen needs your help to save the kingdom!

Require gaming on the go but want to get your MMORPG fix at the same time?  Try out Pocket Legends!  The best way to describe it is to call it World of Warcaft and Diablo’s love child.  The game starts you off choosing between 3 different class types.  The class types are also race dependent so there really isn’t a mix and match setup that you would expect out of a deeper MMO.  The bears are the warriors, avians (birds) are archers and the Elves are the mages.  (Don’t ask me why the world if filled with animal based races then there are the elves??!?!)  When you get through registration and creation, you can outfit your character with their corresponding type of garb and weaponry.

Quests and other tasks are a breeze to get started into.  Some are basic grind, others are in depth for this kind of quick play MMO.

Even on smaller screens for Android and iOS devices (phones) the game is a dream to play.  Having the minimap overlayed on the screen with all of the magic spells and on-screen controls, everything is still playable and unobtrusive.

The game is great while not forcing you to dedicate a large amount of time.

All screen shots were taken from the iOS version.  Video is official from Space Time Studios.

Tiny Tower – NimbleBit

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Have you ever wanted to build a skyscraper and micromanage what goes in it? Well you are in luck! NimbleBit’s Tiny Tower gives you all of that in a cute timehole of a game. You start with a couple of levels where you can install apartments and your first establishment. From there, It’s all downhill.  Your job is to keep your Bitiznes happy so they keep bringing in more residents to work at the shops you put put in each floor.

There are charts so you can see how to place your Bitizens according to their dream job.

Now with the elevator, you can get visitors (and possible new residents) to their floor of choice.  If you know how to make the ride smooth for then, they will tip you TowerBux.  Tiny Tower is a Freemium game.  Like many that fit this term, there is the in game money and the premium items you can get with these hard to obtain TowerBux.  Unlike other Freemium titles, this game gives you the IRL currency to get further into the game.  Lots of this is rinse and repeat.  Build a new floor, get people to move in, get them to work, make money, etc…

As monotonous as this review sounds, this really is a fun game.  Install it and see your time fly by!

Fitocracy: Workout, Get Achievements!

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OK, I’ve been working out on and off for quite a while and I’ve invested years into DailyBurn.  They’ve got tons of my details and I’ve been using their mobile apps to keep track of it all. Last year, Fitocracy launched and it caught my attention as all of their goals are awarded like achievements like on today’s popular gaming systems.  Here’s a blurb from their website…


Fitocracy will get you addicted to fitness just like a video game, only you level up in real life. Earn points, unlock achievements, beat quests, and slay the laziness dragon. Join the best fitness community on the planet and get in the best shape you’ve ever been.


  • Incredible speed: track your entire workout all on one screen.
  • Embark on an epic adventure: Unlock achievements to visualize your progress. Beat quests to push yourself and take on new challenges.
  • Be inspired: Follow other Fitocrats to get daily inspiration and join in on conversations.
  • Ultra motivation: Bring the support hundreds of thousands of Fitocrats with you on your journey. If competition’s your thing, there’s plenty of that too.


Our mission is to make exercise more addictive and accessible for everyone. Play Fitocracy to track your progress, learn new exercises, get support from the best fitness community around, and finally reach your goals.

When they launched, it was a beta invite only affair. So getting on was a wait and see deal. Luckilly, I was selected to get in and off I went!  *queue “Link acquired” music…*

When I first got on, the site was pretty plain and options were bleak. Lots of workouts and routines were missing and having to adjust what you did to fit into their naming conventions was kludgey at best. That was at launch. After practically forgetting about them, I got back on and witnessed a very polished UI and their workouts and routines had blossomed! On top of that, the database of achievements had exploded, making the experience that much more enjoyable.

Achievements and individual tasks are available but there are quests to go on as well. With something as involved as a quest, you can guess that there are multiple items to complete ad well as the ability to level up! *insert Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare music*

With summer upon us, don’t let the heat stop you from having a good time while shedding some pounds. If you are looking for a fun way to get into fitness and feel like you are a character in a video game, give Fitocracy a try.

(At this time, there is no app for android but is available for iOS. The upside is that the mobile experience is quite good and will handle pretty much everything that the app covers. They do promise an Android release this summer.  Check out the mobile site at

I have really been getting into iOS gaming after listening to a few people in the youtube video game community rave about the quality and prices. I still have a hard time with the idea of not having a physical copy of the game but for $.99 how can you go wrong?

I downloaded the free version of Techno Kitten adventure on my iphone (I believe the app is also available on android market and xbl). It took me a while to get the game mechanics under control but once I did the game has been really addicting. Essentially it is a side scrolling game where you weave a cat through obstacles. to reach the end of the level. The graphics and distractions are over the top and remind me a bit of a bullet hell shooter I played a while back with Fred. Most of the items on the screen are just distractions, only the translucent border and static objects made of the same material will kill the kitty if he runs into them. In some tracks the screen with pulsate and others it will switch directions entirely. All to upbeat techno music.

In the game you have unlimited lives but the longer you soar without dying the higher your score gets for that level. Like I mentioned, the game is free but you can download more packs (levels) to play in for a cheap price. I splurged and got one that was $.99. I recommend anyone who has an apple or android phone check out some of these unique games and let me know what they think. Future of gaming? I dont think so. A nice little distraction? Definitely.