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Thanks to the awesome, amazing most convenient outage on Playstation Network, FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS is taking the night off. But do not fret. We’ll be back next year with Fightier Fights! and Onlinier matches!!!

Thank you to all who’ve watched since these started.  We look forward to streaming more for you in the New Year!

Happy New Year!!

Thank you for playing. Presented by




Giving quite the beat down tonight with Final Fight CD!  None of the SNES version of Final Fight: Guy…  This is the version that rules all of the 16 bit versions!





Gameblips Twitch Channel, Bleep!!

Thaaaat’s right!! It’s time to get it on as Donkey Kong!! Yeah,”as” because tonight we’re jumping into the melee with:


So bust out those gamecube controllers and meet me online and let’s see what’s up!!

Tonight! 8pm! GameBlips Twitch Channel!! Let’s do this, BOYY!!!!!!!  and Girl. I’ll fight a girl. That’s right. I said it.

Do something!

Friday Night Fights will not be running this week due to schedules and vacations to Toronto, Chicago and other locations.  In it’s place, keep an eye out for some articles on some of the gaming hot spots we might be visiting.

(We miiiiight be hitting up Playduim on Toronto!)

Capping off a full week of hosting all the streams, I will be knocking down computer controlled opponents tonight on Tatsunoko vs Capcom… Since the Nintendo Wi-Fi Network is dead.  :/

I will be starting up at 8PM EST and running the arcade mode and playing as long as I can with the survival mode after.  Hopefully, I can win the minigame in the credits but I haven’t been able to do that since I got it.  😦

We return to the arena with:


Join me tonight at 7pm on the GameBlips Twitch channel for another bout! I’ll be starting in Arcade accepting challengers for a little while and then creating a lobby. So sign on and look for room “Techno G” in the DOA Online multiplayer lobby. Be there or yew $u(K!!



Join me tonight at 8pm on the GameBlips Twitch Channel and watch some hot chick on….action!


Looks like I’ll be beebopping around in the Mortal Kombat Kollection tonight. Being a primary Capcom fanboy, I’ll be a little out of my element. Come by our Twitch channel at 730pm EST and watch me crash and burn! 😀

I have some news…

Due to a sudden conflict in other schedules I will be streaming Friday Night Fights on Saturday Night but just for this week. So tune in Saturday night October 18th at 8pm when I’ll be broadcasting my skillz in:


See you Saturday night on the GameBlips twitch channel!!