With the combination of out server issues and too many cooks versions that we have at our disposal, we have decided to make the PS3 edition our map to complete the game and conquer The End.

In just a few minutes, 8PM EST will be upon us and our fight to finish this…


On tonight’s Minecraft Monday, I will be donning…

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Giving quite the beat down tonight with Final Fight CD!  None of the SNES version of Final Fight: Guy…  This is the version that rules all of the 16 bit versions!


A few weeks back, I ordered 3 new t-shirts to wear for the 3 streams we are running before Christmas.  For tonight’s Friday Night Fights I am wearing…

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I recently acquired this fun “shooter on rails” title from 99Gamers!  Played it a few timed in the arcade and always wanted to get the Wii version.  Now I’ve got it!  Make sure to join us tonight since there is a special twist to tonight’s stream…

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wpid-wp-1415685311527.pngUnfortunately, last week was a bust for the team since our server host was amidst a system upgrade. Instead, yours truly, went to hang out on the reddit public servers for the night.  Keeping our fingers crossed… Our “let’s build” should complete our first mob grinder!

Join us at 8PM EST on our Twitch channel!


Finals are on and we are hosting the channel.  Join us in our chat room so your comments won’t just blow by on the main chat!




Gameblips Twitch Channel, Bleep!!


Take a trip with me… To a time of the end of an era…  The era of arcades!  I will be bringing out Metal Slug X for the Neo Geo!  This is also a time where I will show how bad I am at run-and-gun platformers.   (I recall a a few months ago I proved it playing SFxMM.  LOL!)

Join us at 8PM EST on Twitch!

Found these amazing crosswalks all through Church and Wellesley aka “The 519” in Toronto.

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