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Welcome to my 2014 edition annual top 10 games.  Like the years in the past, this isn’t a list of games that were released in 2014, more like the games that took a large chunk of my attention for the year.


Released on October 27, Android users were greeted with the release of Xbox Smart Glass controls! With this app you can connect your Android devices to you 360 and control some functions on your games and other console apps.

Just install it and add your XBL account info.


If your console on it will connect and state that you are on with Smart Glass. You can swipe between your screens looking at your social page to your games and apps. You can even use your Android device as a keyboard in many games in case you don’t have the Chatpad.

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A good start but the politics of Google and Microsoft has made a stink, yet again. This app works great for my phone (HTC Vivid running Ice Cream Sandwich) but bit won’t install on my Nexus 7 running Jelly Bean. I’m willing to give the benefit of the the doubt and chalk it up to not being compatible in a tablet environment or not yet developed for Jelly Bean, but it would be hard pressed to find that it isn’t MS taking a stance against Google’s flagship tablet. Also, as of this article, there is no iOS version either.

The minds behind the hit title, Heavy Rain, put out a realtime tech demo.  Yeah, tech demos come and go but this one invokes emotion and attachment to the viewers in a mere seven minutes!

(On a side note:  It seems that Quantic Dreams completed this project over a year ago!  That means that they have progressed even further than what this demo leads us to believe.)

Click the link below to get an extra bonus!

The Humble Bundle is BACK!

Posted: February 2, 2012 by ChoSanJuan in Video, Video Games
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Windows, Mac, Linux and Android are now the place to be for the latest in indie gaming!  As usual, the money goes to the developers and charities and is completely configurable with how you want the money divvied out.  Another cool angle to this bundle is if you pay more than the average, currently $6.02, you also get World of Goo.  So that’s Anomaly, Osmos, Edge and World of Goo for less than a trip to Starbucks.  Check out the video and get your game on!