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Boo! That’s right… I am back from the dead just in time to plan our second annual GameBlips Halloween stream on Twitch. We have an exciting line up this year and I am going to attempt to top the spookiness of Captianerock’s stream of the PT demo.

We have still to confirm the date / time and who from the crew (besides me) will be streaming but we will post as soon as we have final details.

Some of the games in my lineup this year:

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die

Join me as I try desperately to learn how to craft and survive in 7 Days to Die. Thus far I have made multiple attempts at game play (the game does not hold your hand) and have yet to survive through the night. Come help me out!

Don’t Starve

Don't Starve

I’ll take any excuse to play Don’t Starve. I have a pretty decent strategy down now and have survived a respectable amount of days. Let’s try to take this to the next level.

Minecraft – Homemade Halloween Maps!

Minecraft Halloween

This is what I am truly excited about. I have spent months hand crafting Hunger Games – esque battle maps in the Halloween Theme. Ask anyone… I am pretty damn good at these now. I have three different but exciting maps I am polishing off for this stream. Who will prevail… Alex (technogaja), Fred (chosanjuan / dalum), or Eric (captianerock)?

Until Dawn

Unit Dawn

Yes, I have played through this at least twice now but I am still working my way to that platinum trophy and the mood of Until Dawn fits the theme of this year’s Halloween Stream. Don’t shake that controller!

Let us know what other games you want to see in the comment section below. I will certainly take your input into consideration as we build the final lineup and schedule. See you there!


Ready to jump out of your skin…  Again?  The demo for Dead Space 3 seems to deliver.  It seems like you start off at the beginning of where the full game starts with lots of tutorials for first timers.  (Honestly, if playing 3 is your first time…  Take the time to play the first 2  and come back here when the full game comes out.)  You are hanging upside down from your cockpit harness looking like Luke Skywalker all iced over in Empire Strikes Back.


You do the normal shooting and moving around.  One thing you may notice is that you are collecting new items.  You are getting pieces and parts of equipment.  This is for building new guns as blueprints.  Unsure if there are schematics like in the first 2 games, but there is si much flexibility to build your guns to how you play, it’s a welcome addition to the game’s dynamic.


The online co-op is pretty flawless.  You can jump in and out of games at any time and play as John Carver and Robert Norton.  Lobbys are easy in and easy out.  Stomp on some Necromorphs with friends and strangers!


Oh yeah…  GameStop has their stupid claws in this release too.  I swear, one of these days, you will be able to preorder a game and it’s going to be completed for you.  Power to the lazy cheaters.  :/