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Boo! That’s right… I am back from the dead just in time to plan our second annual GameBlips Halloween stream on Twitch. We have an exciting line up this year and I am going to attempt to top the spookiness of Captianerock’s stream of the PT demo.

We have still to confirm the date / time and who from the crew (besides me) will be streaming but we will post as soon as we have final details.

Some of the games in my lineup this year:

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die

Join me as I try desperately to learn how to craft and survive in 7 Days to Die. Thus far I have made multiple attempts at game play (the game does not hold your hand) and have yet to survive through the night. Come help me out!

Don’t Starve

Don't Starve

I’ll take any excuse to play Don’t Starve. I have a pretty decent strategy down now and have survived a respectable amount of days. Let’s try to take this to the next level.

Minecraft – Homemade Halloween Maps!

Minecraft Halloween

This is what I am truly excited about. I have spent months hand crafting Hunger Games – esque battle maps in the Halloween Theme. Ask anyone… I am pretty damn good at these now. I have three different but exciting maps I am polishing off for this stream. Who will prevail… Alex (technogaja), Fred (chosanjuan / dalum), or Eric (captianerock)?

Until Dawn

Unit Dawn

Yes, I have played through this at least twice now but I am still working my way to that platinum trophy and the mood of Until Dawn fits the theme of this year’s Halloween Stream. Don’t shake that controller!

Let us know what other games you want to see in the comment section below. I will certainly take your input into consideration as we build the final lineup and schedule. See you there!


With the combination of out server issues and too many cooks versions that we have at our disposal, we have decided to make the PS3 edition our map to complete the game and conquer The End.

In just a few minutes, 8PM EST will be upon us and our fight to finish this…

wpid-wp-1415685311527.pngUnfortunately, last week was a bust for the team since our server host was amidst a system upgrade. Instead, yours truly, went to hang out on the reddit public servers for the night.  Keeping our fingers crossed… Our “let’s build” should complete our first mob grinder!

Join us at 8PM EST on our Twitch channel!



That’s right!  We were trying to build a mob grinder!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the server doesn’t take a dive for this week’s episode.

Join us at 8PM EST on our Twitch Channel!


Tonight we plan on staying on task and getting started with our discovered mob grinder located in the cave behind Kara’s house.
Join us at 8PM EST on our main twitch channel for our PC Server Minecraft game.

mob spawner

What to build…
What to build…

How about a Mob grinder?!  There just happens to be one in the large cave behind Kara’s house, across the river!  Join us tonight on Twitch to see us get shot to death by an army of skeletons.

Tonight took a really weird turn when our server felt like acting up for somewhere in the range of 11 minutes and 11 seconds. That just happens to be the same time stamp as the current viral video from [Adult Swim], Too Many Cooks. 

HUGEWheatFarmerWhile ours isn’t going to be as huge as the one found on YouTube, we are going to go a little smaller since this is going to be a fun team build!


Join me tonight on the GameBlips twitch channel at 8pm on the Playstation 4! YAY!!!

Minecraft Awesome!Last week, we started the build of the auto-wheat farmer.  Let’s see if we can complete it tonight!  The older version (built on the 360 version)  was very clunky with the redstone.  Let’s see if we can make it pretty and make good use of hoppers!

Join us tonight at 8pm EST on our Twitch channel!