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Close to 1 AM, I finally had it with trying keep hitting the login button to see if I could shove my way in.  I attempted to contact a Sony rep, via chat, and this is how it all transpired…




Looks like Sony didn’t anticipate the amount of server load coming into PSN this Christmas.  I can’t even log into the service and get my account applied to my new console, let alone get my shiny new version of Destiny that came with it or the EA freebie that I fenagled during Playstation Experience! Guess I’ll play Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition while Sony gets this sorted. :/



I don’t have an update yet on Ni No Kuni, although I made significant progress this past weekend and hope to make some more this upcoming weekend. I am just over 20 hours into the game and really enjoying the graphics and familiar elements.

However, I have downloaded a little gem on PSN after playing it a bit on the xbox360 at Dalum’s house. I know I am a little behind the times here but I just started getting into Scott Pilgrim the video game. It’s an awesome side-scrolling beat em up in an old school 8 bit style. It’s got some nice leveling up elements and allows characters to learn new moves as the progress. Its a pretty good price at $9.99 on PSN and an additions $1.99 to unlock Knives. 

The first few times I played through with Kim and struggled but as I continued I became a lot better and eventually leveled her up to Level 13. I have now moved on to leveling up Scott since there is a gold trophy waiting for me if I play through the game once as Scott. 

Perhaps my favorite part of the game is how the bosses are the 7 evil ex’s from the movie. It’s very entertaining to watch and play. And just like the movie, the music is killer. I just love it and can’t have anything else going on in the background while I am playing because I love the music so much. 

So I have been enjoying this game when I have 30 minutes to an hour to kill. I have yet to play the multi-player on PSN but it was a lot of fun on the 360. Overall I think its a great little downloadable game for anyone who is a fan of side scrolling beat em ups or the movie.

p.s. I noticed a trophy for making it through an entire level to the last boss without getting hit. IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!?!??!!! I need to know if anyone has done this? 🙂

Skullgirls is a modern take on the classic 2D fighting genre.  A refreshing look at hand drawn animation in a world of 3D powerhouse consoles, this game takes you to the world of Dark Deco.  Developed by a team of old school fighting game lovers (Reverge Labs, LLC), this game has been picked up by long time studio/publishing house, Konami.

To start, this game is is beautiful!  Just by watching, it feels like you’ve been whisked back to the age of 16 and 32-bit.  Even with the recent offerings by Capcom, all of the 3D tricks and shiny objects can’t quite replace the feeling and nostalgia of a quality 2D fighter.  With Konami in their corner, let’s hope that the hype is only surpassed by the sales and quality of this title.  Having only reviewed the demo, I’m convinced that this is going to be a definite purchase for many fans of this genre!

Skullgirls is out today, April 11, 2012 for XBox Live and Playstation Network.

Journey – PSN Exclusive

Posted: March 25, 2012 by karaski in PlayStation 3, Products, Review, Video Games
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So after some persuasion from my brother who said I would enjoy Journey on PSN I downloaded it and beat it twice in the first two days. The game is amazing and addicting. It is by the same developers as Flower, which was also a really unique and interesting PSN exclusive. In Journey you play as a character in a red cape traveling towards the top of a mountain. You grow your scarf along the way which allows you to fly for a short period of time. Along the way you also run into a lot of travelers (other Journey players) and you can travel the rest of the way with them, they are necessary to earn a lot of the trophies in the game. Perhaps the most interesting and frustrating part of the game is that your interaction with these other players is entirely non-verbal and the only way you have of communicating with them is by a beacon you can light up over your head. It’s fun but it also has caused me to have an incompetent partner screw up when I am trying to work on getting a trophy.

This game is totally worth the $14.99 on PSN… I think it might be free if you’re a playstation plus subscriber. I highly recommend this to anyone with a PS3 who enjoys unique and quirky games.

Steam – Left for Dead 2

Posted: March 17, 2012 by karaski in Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, Video Games, Xbox 360
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I was able to get the Left for Dead package on Steam around Christmas time when it was $5.00. First of all Steam prices are unbelievable… it’s a great way to sample a lot of games and have a lot of fun playing with friends online. I am a total noob to LFD because I only have a ps3 so never played it before I downloaded it on Steam.

Main reason for this post is that this isn’t really the kind of game I can play for hours on end by myself. When I can get some friends to play online with me, however, the hours fly by. So anyone who has Steam and LFD should add me so we can play online.

My Steam name is: lekaramae

I guess while I am at it… if anyone wants to add me on PSN my name is peachyks22