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Close to 1 AM, I finally had it with trying keep hitting the login button to see if I could shove my way in.  I attempted to contact a Sony rep, via chat, and this is how it all transpired…




Don’t miss out on a really amazing sale happening on XBox Live, right now!  Headlining the sale is almost all of Assassin’s Creed. Much of it for $9.99!  There are 3 panels worth gaming goodness. Don’t want to log in? It’s OK… Here is the list, so far:

  • Panel 1
    • Assassin’s Creed 1 – $9.99
    • Assassin’s Creed 2 – $9.99
    • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – $9.99
    • Assassin’s Creed Revelations – $9.99
  • Panel 2
    • Call of Juarez – $4.99
    • Rayman Raving Rabbids – $2.99
    • Tom Clancy’s HAWX – $4.99
    • Tom Clancy’s GRAW – $4.99
    • Tom Clancy’s GRAW 2 – $4.99
    • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas – $4.99
    • Might and Magic: Elements – $2.99
  • Panel 3
    • Dirt2 – $4.99
    • Grid – $4.99
    • Virtua Fighter 5 – $4.99
    • BioShock – $4.99
    • Tomb Raider: Legend – $4.99
    • The Darkness – $4.99
    • Kane & Lynch: Dead Men – $4.99
    • El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron  – $2.99

Personally, I’ve been looking for El Shaddai. Though I would rather have a physical copy, I can’t really turn down the game for $2.99!


XBL has some great games on sale for October.  Both of the games on the poll are $9.99 so price isn’t a factor.  Amy almost made the list but almost all the reviews said is was contender for Worst Game of The Year!  Vote below and help round out my library!

I sat around too long to get this renewed so it happens on it’s own and I have minimal downtime.  Even though it doesn’t really bother me all that much if I do have a lag between tomorrow and when I actually renew.  So I won’t be able to play Skullgirls or Left 4 Dead 2 online right away.  No biggie.  My big question for everyone is this:  How does everyone renew their Xbox Live subscriptions?

Add to the discussion.  If you are under the “Other” category, where do you buy from?  Why do you buy/renew from your particular source?  Is price a factor?  I’ve got a small batch of $5 Amazon Gift Cards so we know where my answer will lay.  😉

Steam – Left for Dead 2

Posted: March 17, 2012 by karaski in Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, Video Games, Xbox 360
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I was able to get the Left for Dead package on Steam around Christmas time when it was $5.00. First of all Steam prices are unbelievable… it’s a great way to sample a lot of games and have a lot of fun playing with friends online. I am a total noob to LFD because I only have a ps3 so never played it before I downloaded it on Steam.

Main reason for this post is that this isn’t really the kind of game I can play for hours on end by myself. When I can get some friends to play online with me, however, the hours fly by. So anyone who has Steam and LFD should add me so we can play online.

My Steam name is: lekaramae

I guess while I am at it… if anyone wants to add me on PSN my name is peachyks22