Ingress – Android

IngressCrossFactionLogoAs of this writing, the game is still in closed beta.  Currently, the scanner is in version 1.25.2 and has come a long way from the original versions.  Regardless of your affiliation to the Enlightened or Resistance, here are some things that you should remember when you are out in the field as a new agent.

  • Hack everything.  Hack often.  It doesn’t matter which side it’s on.  Hack it.  If you can spare the time, burn it out.  Portals will run hot and you can’t hack again for 5 minutes.  If you can spare 20 minutes, you can burn it out and get you max potential of what it has to offer.
  • Hack in succession.  Here is the exception to the running hot rule.  If your scanner immediately says that you picked up nothing from the hack and you aren’t being attacked by the portal…  Do it again!  Most likely there was a hiccup getting data from the server.  This error can be from a variety of things:  wireless signal is messed up, device is fighting over wifi vs mobile, server load, etc…
  • Use your scanner to the fullest.  By this, you should use it to zero in on all of the surrounding resonators when setting off XMP Bursters.  The farther away you are from a resonator, the less damage it does.
  • Don’t set a burster off over the portal.  You will do a lower, even amount of damage to all resonators.  Granted you will hit them all, but you will be less effective due to distance.
  • When doing dead drops, don’t do it when you are right over the portal.  Anything you drop for another agent to pick up will most likely be stuck underneath the portal.  When you tap on the item, the portal will have priority and not the piece of gear.  In essence, it will be there till it decays.  Teasing you till it’s last breath.
  • When you have taken an enemy portal to it’s knees and forced it to go neutral, don’t get all crazy and start dropping resonators.  Most likely,  you will be too close and your resonators will be in a small/tight pattern.  This will allow the other team to just walk up and not work very hard to take it back.  Again, use your scanner to measure out that max distance by paying attention to that 30/35 meter radius.  If you are on the edge of being able to hack, then you are in proper position.  Make them work for it if they want to take it back!
  • Check Google+ for local teams.  It’s dangerous out there.  Don’t go alone!  Not only does Ingress want you to get off your butt and play outside, they want you to be social.  Not only do you get the benefit of swapping gear so you can do max damage, you will probably make friends along the way too!
  • If you have a portal key and it’s in a very small area with other portals, you can peek in and see all the stats of surrounding portals!.  You may not be able to remote recharge but you can use this little known bug to see when the best time is to swoop in and snag a weak portal for yourself!
  • Keep up with all the weekly Ingress Reports.  You will get them randomly when you hack (along side other media) but it’s best to get it fresh and at full screen on YouTube.  They give tips for new players and goings on across the globe.  They also give hints to passcodes embedded in the video feed.  If you’ve got a little cipher in you, this is a good place to get a jump on building your inventory.

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